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Mistrust high on Government-militants peace talks

Unabated militant activities and delay in creating conducive atmosphere for the peace talks between the Government and militants, comprising the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA)’s pro=talk group, National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) and Dima Halong Daogah (DHD) and others, is the main reason leading to gradual disappointment among the minds of the people of Assam, who are eagerly awaiting for return of peace in the state at any cost. The Union and State governments are watching for an appropriate time to suit their ‘political aims’ fulfilled and make the anti-talk militant groups weaker by the every passing day. Even the militants do not spare a single day, when at least a minor or major incident takes place in one or the other part of the state. Although maximum number of militants are behind the bar and the process is on to bring them out for beginning the talks in order to solve the long pending vexed problem, the procedure has become very lengthy. This leads to an atmosphere of mistrust among the negotiating parties.

The militant groups are also divided over the process of beginning the talks. Some jailed and put on trial members, want to begin the peace talks as early as possible, but the others who are ‘out of reach’ are threatening against the talks without pre-conditions of ‘sovereignty’. According to media reports the ULFA Commander-in-Chief, Paresh Barua is trying to strengthen its cadre force by fresh recruitments and continuing extortion drive in different parts of the state. Some people feel to wait till Paresh Barua and Anup Chetia return for the talks. The BTAD and Dima Hasao District (NC Hills) are disturbed due to violent incidents on regular basis. There is no peace at all.

Peace in Assam is not possible by negotiating the problems with any one group of militants. All the districts and communities have a number of problems, which are not in common but need to be redressed. The Hills and Plains in the rural sectors, are far behind in respect of development if compared with the urban areas. Whatever the development is seen, it is in the urban areas only and the rest is on the paper. The rural area people did not have much knowledge about the welfare schemes run by the government for their benefits. Some NGOs are holding awareness programmes in different parts of the state, which is also not enough. Rampart corruption in the administration has compelled the people to agitate for getting their legal and genuine demands fulfilled. The militancy in the state is also the outcome of frustration and disappointment of the people, which needs to be curbed without losing much time.

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Journalist; Guwahati Press Club office Secretary


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That is the reality what is happening in Assam.


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