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Contour disciplining exigencies in social media

We need to use the social media wisely. But this call is getting lost in a world where anything that is talked about online are caricatured by opportunistic and outrage-mongers. This medium, which is creating more upheavals than connections in societies around the world, should be understood that we choose to assimilate these services into our daily lives because they allow us to deepen social connections and enable us to exercise ourselves in a manner that was unthinkable before their coming. 

Many would agree to the fact that after “nature” comes only “social media” in terms of gross misuse. We are witnessing the phenomenon of changing patterns in climate and irrational nature behavior spilling over to the social media, now. The damage that this medium has done to the world is not only far greater than the previous, one would reckon, but also at a record time. The nearest of such a damage is the Punjabi Lane area of Bara Bazar in Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong where the Dalit Sikhs – who have been engaged by the erstwhile British Raj to keep the town and their establishments clean – are now facing relocation following an eve teasing incident that went viral on the social media here forcing the state government to ban internet for weeks. Following the exit of the Britons, these Dalit Sikhs were engaged by the civic authorities of the successive governments and now Government of Meghalaya for manual scavenging works. 

But amidst these hammerings, one cannot undermine the world of opportunities that the social media offers. These services have created millions of jobs, new business ecosystems and helped fuel the rise of the digital economy that brings broad societal benefit, which is ubiquitous. But the other side of this coin is entirely opposite, which is swaying more heavy and inundating the good side. 

Those engaged in the profession of journalism would agree that there is often a dissent about things not appearing the way people want or like it. The word “like” has gained more value than it has ever been before, with the advent of Facebook. The conventional media – print or electronic – follows a certain prescribed decorum in their operations, which is more often than not “liked” by the readers. Then came the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of it, which actually allows people to engage in brouhaha on any subject matter without actually caring for their words. The encryption part of these mediums makes the task easier since it is just next to impossible to nab the origin and culprits. However, there is no discounting the fact that sheer balkanization in the form of “nuisances”, “rumors”, “bigoted views” floods the platforms amidst genuine feeds, which has been going on for a while and long predates this medium. 

In his op-ed “Social Media Is Making Us Dumber. Here’s Exhibit A”, Jesse Singal writes in The New York Times, “That’s because the pernicious social dynamics of these online spaces hammer home the idea that anyone who disagrees with you on any controversial subject, even a little bit, is incorrigibly dumb or evil or suspect. On a wide and expanding range of issues, there’s no such thing as good-faith disagreement.” So, why is it happening? The answer is perhaps not that hard to figure out. An uncontrolled child would in 99.99% of the cases going to cause headaches. The malaise with the social media is this lack of control. It is often seen in India that those who are domesticating animals, especially cows, takes them out on a grassy open space for grazing and tie them to a clamp, to prevent from going out of control. The social media is an untied cow – which has gone astray, and until it is realized that it has to be tied up we aren’t going to find a solution to the mess that has been created. But this tying is not “burying voices” rather “contour disciplining”.

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Wild elephant kills one

4 Feb 2017 - 6:33pm | AT Kokrajhar Bureau

A man was trampled to death by wild elephant at Dwimuguri village under Serfanguri PS in Kokrajhar district late last evening.

According to villagers, an wild elephant reached the village late last evening by 9.30 pm along the village and vandalized two-three houses and a person was trampled to death while villagers tried to disappear the elephant.

He was identified as Hangla Narzary, 33 years old of Dwimuguri village.

Would killing of innocents be tolerated?

2 Nov 2008 - 8:48pm | gpnarua
Why terrorism in India is uncontrollable? It is because our civil society does not have guts to protest really. We, rather all encourage it! Never our Government have been able to motivate people to stand together firmly against human rights and human values. In fact, at times, the some Government directly or indirectly encourage violation of human rights. Neither our government, nor our parties nor our institutions & clubs have taught us how to value human life!

In Assam, terror struck this morning. Many people died. Every news channel have reported the matter. Almost all the news channel have beamed the episode with vivid description. But no channel have devoted enough time to condemn it & to encourage civil society to stand up against it. Reporting the matter repeatedly is one thing but discouraging the terrorism is another responsibility. The vivid show of terrorism is not enough. It is necessary for the media to devote enough time to discourage the event too. The terrorist have liked the flash of news. They need publicity. Whether it is mujaheddin, Ulfa ,ISI or any group from any other country all get encouragement when mass publicity is received instead of mass protest in unison. Actually our own society is to be blamed for recurrence of terrorism in our society. In a Strong civil society that value human dignity terrorism can not flourish.This is for the first time there were huge protest by people at Ganeshguri. People felt tired of bomb blasts and inaction of the Government.Where was the disaster management team? After blasting the first bomb it took twenty minutes to blast another in Ganeshguri. Why disaster management team could not warn all the market areas of Guwahati by that time? whose failure was that . Is there no disaster Management team in Guwahati? Sorry, It is unacceptable that even in twenty minutes time disaster management system could not be put into action! Civil society gets the government it deserves. Like our most citizen our government is also timid and weak.

Our Chief minister is a clean and honest persons. He earned many feathers to his credit during last few years. But his performance in yesterday's press conference was dismal! A friend of mine told me that our CM could not even articulate his thoughts. Rather he was more keen to conclude his conference. It is understandable that when city was burning CM need not get bogged down with press. Yet, he should not fumble publicly while articulating his thought. In today's situation, as my friend suggested, a clean and honest Chief may not be required. Today you need a person of Guts who can lead the disaster management team from the front. My friend even suggested that with so much achievements in the past why the CM is wasting his time in the office. Rather like Lal Bahadur shastry he can voluntarily seek retirement and make a name for himself.After all what every person seek in life after a successful career ? The fame for his life! CM can earn fame by owning up moral responsibility of the failure of disaster management team and make a hero out of himself.later he might be able to occupy the position of chairman of lok sabha,, a Governor or a vice president, which are more administrative than statesman like position. The view of my friend is of course the expression of the frustration of citizens for the inept handling of the situation on terrorism. Perhaps his sudden departure may not stop terrorism but would revive value based politics in the society.The most admirers of his have asked where has Tarun gogoi of past gone who dared to resign, from the union cabinet in a matter moment, without even verifying with prime minister?

More than fifty people died in today blasts. Much more would die here after because there is no mechanism in our civil society to blame and discourage the terrorism. Similar was the situation in Europe once upon a time. It was the same condition in USA too. But it is not only government's efforts. More importantly civil society in those countries roared against terrorism. Today none can think of creating terror in Europe effectively. Why? Because citizen have built defence mechanism. Can we not build up the defence mechanism, against terrorism? There is almost no terrorism in New Zealand and in Australia at all ! Why? It is because of the self esteem of the citizen. The civil society doe snot encourage it at all. It is because citizens of the country, irrespective of economic division, want to live a contented life. They want to honour & value human life.The Day Indian would think as one nation and start honouring its own self there would be no terror in our country.

The terrorism would not be contained in Assam nay in India . It would comeback again and again so long as civil society fail to motivate itself in looking at people with a divisive mind of caste , creed and religion. Today fifty odd people died in Assam.Tomorrow 100 people would die in Kashmir , day after it would be in Hyderabad.

Indian are making politics out of the terrorism. Every subgroup has its own agenda. We are not a Nation but bunch sub nations having our own motive to look after our own selfish interest. Do we really want terrorism to end? Never ! Like flood, natural calamities hunger we really welcome terrorism in our heart but verbally we preach peace. We make politics out of human weakness. What a nation we are. Can we be a great nation? never! Shame on us!

(The author is a well known business economist & Human resource Management expert)

Gwthar Bathou San on Tuesday

20 Jan 2018 - 2:13pm | AT News

Kokrajhar: Massive preparations are going in full swing to celebrate Gwthar Bathou San-2018(Bathou Divos) at Bathou Thansali, Baganshali in Kokrajhar on Tuesday. Talking to, Mono Kumar Brahma, chairman of the Reception Committee said the Gwthar Bathou San(Bathou Divos) will be celebrated with full fledged state holiday for the first time across the state on second Tuesday of Magh month(January 23) with festive fervor  through Bathou tradition. The celebration has been organised by Bathou Traditional & Cultural Centre,Kokrajhar South Biyab of All Bathou Religious Union at Bathou Thansali,Baganshali in Kokrajhar with colourful programme scheduled.

 BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary will attend as chief guest,Rajya Sabha MP Biswajit Daimary,BTC executive members Rajib Brahma,Doneswar Goyary are  attending as guests on the celebration. A worship and prayer session also be organised on the day where thousands of Btahou followers as well as various organisation,NGOs,head of the institution,teaching staffs,studentsfrom different school,college and universities are participating the Bathou Divos celebration.

A memorandum to the Prime Minister through BTAD Chief will be sent requesting a holiday all over the country in the name of Gwthar Bathou San. Programmes like flying bundles of baloons and setting free white pigeons are lined up to mark the occasion.