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Safeguard against the Police

The case of molestation of a 14 year old girl by a senior Haryana police officer, S.P.S. Rathore has raised serious questions as to the integrity of the institution of ‘Police’ in the country. D.I.G. Rathore not only harassed the family of the deceased Ruchika but also framed false charges of murder and theft on the victim’s father and brother when an FIR was lodged against him 19 years back. There are numerous cases all over the country where the police has been leveling false charges according to their whims, either to settle personal scores, or under the direction of powerful lobbies or as ‘disguised’ extortion.

In Haryana it was a Director General of Police. In Assam, even a petty O.C. of a police station in the town is enough to implicate people in false and fabricated cases. Many states have CMs who take notice of such cases and take a stand. There are educated and cultured persons in the Union Home Ministry too who have the time, patience and understanding to look into issues pertaining to respectable citizens, to whom they owe their service and responsibility. Whereas, in Assam, when one approaches the high and mighty (in terms of office), you are asked to bribe the O.C. saying, “He might be wanting some money. Don't worry.” At the same time, the state has the nuisance of a ‘bastard’ band of language newspapers (I couldn’t find a better word for newspapers with baseless stories) which helps forms a nexus with the police to defame people for perks and drinks. Ruchika and her family’s case should stir the country and make all citizens of India sit up and raise a voice against the rotten police department. In India, people see police as government sanctioned goons certified by a uniform characterized by a abominably dull and depressing colour.

It is high time the common people are empowered to counter the misuse of constitutional privileges by the police in India. Law makers, concerned Ministries, and alert citizens should put their heads together to curtail the powers enjoyed by the police with a new Bill which Empowers the Common Man to counter police ‘force’. There is also an urgent need to bring into picture a new law which would book the proprieters, editors and reporters of newspapers who work in connivance with policemen with loose credentials and publish news without verification and proper investigation. We hope to work in this regard.

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Good piece, Pallavi. I know first-hand what goes on in far-flung police stations of Assam.
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Yes, the attrocities by police of all ranks is nothing new. Need to generate awareness amongst people, which is indeed lacking.


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