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Assam minister Ripun Bora arrested by CBI

Assam education minister Ripun Bora has been arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation in New Delhi while he was there in the national capital. According to information, the education minister was arrested in connection with a Rs 10 lakh bribery case. Mr Bora was picked up at his residence from Mothura Road. Sources say he was arrested while he was trying to bribe the CBI officer which was probing a murder case of Danial Toppo. Interrogation is on.

Amar Asom journalist Mukul Pathak as also been arrested with Mr Bora. Mukul tried to bribe the CBI men on behalf of the minister.


Chayanika's picture

100 garu marile bagharu moron
Chitralee Kashyap's picture

One of the worst education minister I have seen so far. He is more interested in party and politics than the educational instituions of the state. It is good that he has been arrested but off course will be out soon as politics are full of criminals and record holders in breaking the laws instead of having a vision for the society or for the state.
Faiz Ahmed's picture

This doesn't surprise me. Politics is full of corruption. Especially in Assam which is at the bottom of development index among the seven sisters. Bribery is inherent in the culture. They have ruined lives of crores of unemployed youths.It came to light the spot being in Delhi and that too due to involvement of CBI. There are so many other deptt. where corruption is a way of life.
Niranjan Bhattacharyya's picture

What could be the datum of Education in Asom where the person in charge of educating people of the State is having no education in true sense.It is sad that most ministers of Asom are with criminal background.
Barnam Bora's picture

This is a very sorry phase in the history of Our Beloved Assam. The current Government as a unit has been doing a fair amount of commendable work for the state but mishaps like this need to be dealt with by the iron hand. The Government needs to conduct a full scale investigation of all its major leaders and members and eradicate all instances of corruption and compromise. There should be no exception. The Young Indian in General and The Young Assamese in particular is waking up. And he/she will not accept any lapse in commitment to the well being of the state. We all know that corruption is highly prevalent in Indian Politics and it is high time we as citizens and "Future Leaders" should address and extinguish this issue. -Love to all my fellow Assamese -Barnam -Adelaide, Australia
Anita Khatoon's picture

This is the reflection of govt. running the the affairs of Assam.
Rashmi Barua's picture

Corruption overshadowing the development activities of Assam. Ripun Borah is the best example of this corruption at this moment. But the saddest part of the story is involvement of a "Journalist" in this corruption. It's time to wake-up "Y-Generation".
Jayanta Saud's picture

We, the people of Assam, feel so sorry that we can't express in word... He is the Worst education minister, I have ever seen........
sb1966's picture

This shows the level where we, as a society, are. Although, legally he is yet to convicted for the murder, it however also shows that ultimately the thruth prevails.
Prashanta Goswami's picture

It is a most unfortunate and degrading development for Assam. But then why single out Assam or Ripun Bora. Politics today has become a game of muscle power and money power. It is only the dishonest and the men with brawn who indulge in it. That is why people with any sense od decency stay miles away from it because they know that they can not survive in that world of corruption and vice. Take any political party - all are filled with people of dubious record.The maxim often mentioned that "money can buy anything" has been proved time and again and it was just Ripun Bora's bad luck that it misfired - or was it a demand for a larger largesses and our dear Minister was trying to be cunning and clever as reported in a section in the media ?
tituraj's picture

It is somehow fatuous to witness how politico honchos are making a mockery of the democracy. The fourth pillar of democracy that is the media should also come out of their honeymoon slumber and highlight the fact that it is no longer any sacred as it was to be. Is this the death knell of what used to be the last sentinel of democracy?? Are we moving towards a phenomenon called DEMOCRAZY??
Saeed Zakir Husaien's picture

I was not surprise at all. These are all criminals. This is one of the hundreds of cases that opened for all. But what do you think? He is released now. And ready for another crime.


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