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Anarchy prevails at BSNL, Guwahati

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in Guwahati is functioning in complete anarchy. The telephone users and subscribers keep on running from pallor to post for redress of their grievances every day, but there is not a single person, who can assure the removal of anomalies in the functioning of the department.

For instance, a subscriber having telephone connection from BSNL No 0361-2491959 lodged a complaint for repairs of the fault at ‘198’ in the month of May 2010. Since the subscriber is a senior citizen and a freelance journalist, he has got Broadband connection also for his professional activities. Due to faulty telephone neither he was in position to use it nor could he sent any news to the newspapers, he was working for. Every time he tried to know the position or register a fresh complaint on’ 198 ,‘ the tape voice came out as ‘work in progress’. The SDO, Telephone office was contacted several times and the number was noted every time with assurance to ‘look into the matter’, but no relief was rendered. In the meantime, the telephone bill for the uses in the month of May 2010 and advance rental for the month of July 2010 was received and paid in due time, with hope that the department would repair the fault. But his assumption was wrong and the fault remained unattended.

Since the BSNL was interested in getting money without rendering any service, it continued sending bills every month regularly. On June 21,2010, the subscriber wrote a letter to the General Manager, BSNL, Kamrup Telephone District, Guwahati, requesting him to look into the matter and get the telephone fault repaired, but that too was of no avail.. Due to getting no response from any official, the subscriber stopped the payment of telephone bills from July onwards. While trying to register fresh complaint at ‘198’ the reply was ‘already registered’. On October14, 2010, the subscriber addressed another letter to the GM, KTD, Guwahati, requesting him to get the bills raised during July, August, September and October 2010 cancelled, but of no avail. Lastly, the subscriber further wrote to GM, Kamrup Telephone District, Guwahati with a copy to the Chief General Manager,, Assam Circle and sent the letters through ‘Speed Post.’ Getting no reply from all these ‘so called’ senior officials the subscriber approached the Accounts Officer, who of course was kind enough to tell the truth about the official records, which revealed that the telephone was disconnected in the month of August 2010 and the subscriber was liable to clear all dues for getting reconnection of the telephone and broadband. The BSNL did not inform the subscriber about this illegal action taken by it arbitrarily at a time when the services of the telephone were already invalid because of non-repairing of the fault.

Keeping in mind the necessity of the telephone and broadband connection for his use, the subscriber made the payment of the bills due on December,16,2010 ‘for ‘no service availed’. The subscriber informed the SDO, Telephone of the area concerned about the payment, but no action was taken by the people working in the BSNL, Guwahati. And the subscriber feels to be ‘cheated’ by the department. It’s really a blot on the name of BSNL which could not repair a minor cable fault for last seven months. In fact, a total anarchy is prevailing in the Guwahati, BSNL.

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Journalist; Guwahati Press Club office Secretary

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