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Who cares for Assam’s development?

With recent reports on developmental activities in Assam, it seems that nobody desires the betterment and development of the state. The state administration, student organization, political leaders, bureaucrats, officials and various growing mushroom-like organizations, all are running after money and ‘easy money’. Assam’s industry minister, Pradyut Bardoloi recently came out openly on certain student leaders, who demand money from the industrialists, who come here to invest their money for the development of the state. He cited an example of such demand from a cement factory at Dimoria, to be started by the Star Cement. an organization of repute. The government has already given ‘green signal’ to the company. The factory when completed would give direct employment to about 10.000 local youths in addition to providing indirect employment to thousands other. The minister alleged that some student organizations from time to time start agitation against all those who come to the state for investing their money and ultimately have to change their mind. In case these investing industries fail to oblige them, these organizations start agitation against them resulting in failures of entire scheme and the government’s effort to develop the state goes in vain.. The minister alleged that a handful of leaders mislead the innocent people of the respective areas, where the factory is to be setup and start demonstration on some ‘baseless’ issues. Their protests and demonstrations are generally based on the ground of environmental disasters for which they fail to give any specific answer.

It is not that these student organizations demand money from the industries alone, they also ‘shake hand’ with political leaders through whom they get their demands fulfilled. The politicians, on their part are not ‘so clean’. Sometimes they patronize such elements too. It is alleged that without getting some favor, they do not spare a single penny. They utilize the services of such elements and keep themselves busy in acquiring more wealth and property. Fortune smiles on them. The funds meant for the developmental activities are misused and do not reach to the beneficiaries for whom those are meant. The recent case of North Cachar Hills Autonomous District Council scam of crores of rupees is an example. The minister’s accusation of others does not carry much weight, as even CBI probe ordered in the case nothing has been done so far.

During recent years it has been observed that a number of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have taken birth in Assam. Some of them are really doing good job in the service of human society, but a few seem to have a piece of ‘monetary cake’ as beneficiaries without rendering any service. Since the corruption in various departments of the state is the priority, everybody seems to be interested in making money anyway. Who cares for the development of the state? Since the corrupt practices are now coming from the top-level, nobody has a face to find out the evils done by of the others. One of the richest state of the country Assam has become backward due to lack of interest by its people alone.

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The road condition in north east is very bad. It is mostly marked with pot holes, some so deep that any vehicle falling into them will have broken suspensions and axles. On the ghy silchar route, a distance of 20 km will take 6-7 hours to traverse. With such deplorable road conditions, it is no surprise that Ne is so much backward. It may be difficult to fill in the pot holes with makadem but atleast they can be filled with stones and earth as soon as they get created.


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