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Top level corruption: root cause of all ills

Abductions, extortions, killings and all sorts of violence have their roots in certain forms of corruption. Since the last part of twentieth century and the beginning of twenty-first century, all types of violence throughout the world have increased day by day. Those did not take place overnight. The Indian society had also to bear the brunt of such evils. The frustration among the poor and deprived people in the country was brought due to corruption. Money and muscle powers took lead in spreading these ills. The rich and influential people began to acquire more and more wealth and property, whereas the poor and innocent had to lose even what they had.

In administration the number of corrupt people increased tremendously and the developmental activities confined up to the advertisements through media. By this time national feelings and patriotism eroded and the new generation failed to respect and remember the freedom fighters, who lost everything they had and the martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for the independence of the country.

No doubt the Government of India started a number of developmental schemes for the welfare and benefit of the poor people of the country and released enough fund for the proper implementation of such schemes in every state. Unfortunately, there was no checking of the utilization of funds. As a result such funds were diverted either to other heads or remained unutilized. There are a number of media reports on misuse of funds for development, which require proper investigation. Some people in power have used such funds either to acquire more wealth or distributed among those who helped them to remain in power and even to so called ‘militants groups’.

This was enough and intolerable for them, who did not have or had to lose what they had. It was the main cause of their frustration, which led to take arms in their hands. Every part of the country is severely affected by insurgency. You call it by any name ULFA, NDFB, NSCN, DHD, Maoist, Nexalites or whatsoever, frustration is the root cause of their indulging in violence. The present situation is not created overnight. It has developed through decades and reached to deep roots.

For elimination of these evils, top level corruption should be checked. It has been found in some cases that the subordinates and petty officials have been alleged guilty for irregularities and misappropriations of funds for development, but not the person under whose direction they were compelled to do so. Attempt to check corruption at lower level will be in futile, unless it is checked at the higher level. Once it is eliminated at the top level, it will automatically lose it root in the ground. Remember, Late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, invoked emergency to make the country disciplined at a critical juncture, when the situation was not in order. The merits and demerits are to be considered properly. Despite many demerits, her administration had succeeded in bringing the discipline in the country.

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Journalist; Guwahati Press Club office Secretary


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Rightly said, sir !

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