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Elections are the root cause of corruption

The Constitution of India has given the rights to the people to elect their representatives for state Assemblies as well as the Parliament. The elected representatives form the government to look after the people’s welfare and provide transparency in administration. Such representatives in this democratic country form a government on the basis of major votes polled in their favor. The Constitution of Indian Republic came into force with effect from 26th January 1950. Long sixty years have passed and a lot of changes have taken place since then. Hundreds of amendments have been made in the Constitution during all these years. At the time of enforcing the Constitution prepared during the year 1949, the Mentors of it did not understand that it would be taken as a ‘tool for grabbing wealth and power’ for personal or political gains in future. Majority of our people were illiterate and economically poor. They could not get the rights prescribed by the Constitution till now, although in papers the prosperity is reflected regularly. Still they do not understand the serious and sensitive points related to them. A simple majority to a political party or an alliance is enough to entitle it to form a government.

There was a time when the majority of the leaders had suffered a lot in the hands of foreign rulers. They knew that the countrymen had to lose even their lives and properties for getting the freedom, honor and respect to the country. The number of political parties was nominal. The Indian National Congress being the largest party came to power with heavy majority. The freedom fighters, social workers and clean image citizens were assigned duties to look after the welfare of the people. They honestly represented the people.

Unfortunately, the Mentors of the Constitution did not foresee that the future generation would take undue advantage of its loopholes.

With high ambitions, the present leaders and legislators are using the mandate of the people for the gains of self, their family and the party and are busy in misusing the public money for making the wealth and property for their future generations. They are busy to get their family members elected to the legislative Assemblies and the Parliament. Taking benefits of democracy they muster majority in the legislatures. A number of accused criminals are now in power. Honest and clean image leaders are reduced to minority. In general elections money and muscle powers are used unabated. The genuine electorate has no say to put their grievances on records. Even they fail to reach before their elected leaders. The leaders after getting elected keep distance from their voters.

The elections in the country have become ‘farce’ and a costly affair. Without money and muscle power nobody can win the elections. It has now become an expensive affair. That is why the elected representatives are found busy to collect money spent in the elections. They know they have been elected for only five years. Therefore, they want to get their money back as early as possible. After accumulating huge property, they start creating funds for taking part in the next elections. As much money they get, their desire for money increases and they wish to collect more and more funds for the next election.

The elections to the 15th Lok Sabha have come to remind the people of their rights. They have to decide fairly about the next government and elect the people who can provide a corruption-free administration.

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Journalist; Guwahati Press Club office Secretary

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