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IGNOU Guwahati regional centre students facing dark future

The prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has turned to be earning a 'bad name' as far as its Guwahati Regional Centre is concerned. The students of this institution are heading towards a dark future in absence of proper guidance and reckless attitude of the officials, who are supposed to look after their students' career and bright future. According to the students, the regional centre is running under full anarchy. There is not a single responsible person, except the regional centre director, Mrs V. Bhattacharya, who has to remain for most of the times outside the city on her official assignments. It is alleged that the deputy director, second in position, does not take any responsibility to solve the problems of the students. He does not like to meet the students. Not only this, he has asked the office staff also not to receive any complaint from the students, if they try to lodge in writing.

The rules and regulations framed by the IGNOU, New Delhi, are not adhered to at the Guwahati centre. Normally the counseling sessions are supposed to be held at study centers on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). But at Guwahati centre does not follow the rules mentioned by the University. Here the classes are held according to the convenience of the faculty members, because all the faculty members are part timers. The purpose and benefits of distance education is over ruled.

It is also alleged that some of the faculty members insist on the students to go for coaching without which their success in exams was not possible.

Besides, the academic consultant has no specific timings to attend the office. On most of the occasions he is reported to be on leave. Even if he happens to face any student he finds himself helpless to solve his problem. Most of the students have not received the study materials till now although one semester exams are over. Some students having access to the Internet have complained that their mails sent to IGNOU Guwahati centre are bounced back as the mailbox is not regularly checked. In the meantime, a number of students have left the institution because of the affairs going on there. On the whole, the IGNOU Guwahati centre is running in a mess and playing with the future of the students. The students feel if the working of the IGNOU Guwahati centre is not improved immediately, the dark days are not at; distance for them who have chosen for the distance education under IGNOU.
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Journalist; Guwahati Press Club office Secretary


Robin Phukan's picture

I have got the term end result of my MLIc. Programme but due to the negligence of Dibrugarh study centre my Assignments marks are not sent for which my result is declared not completed. Please look into the matter.
Arup Hazarika's picture

Yes,the above statement is true so far my MBA course is also concerned.For July session- 2008 the study materials had to be collected from Dibrugarh study centre after constant co-ordination with the centre only for which I suffered a lot putting me in great trouble.
debojit's picture

Hi, its true .. I took admission a few months back .. guess it was in august but until date I hav'nt received my books for the 10+2 course. Does anyone of you got any idea when do we get the books? I got the admission done from Don Bosco but people their said till now they did not get any books etc etc. Also, the nios office do not even answer the phone calls but they sure do use the phone to make calls.
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I stay in badarpur, karimganj district. my admission in MEG from partner institute is i want to take admission again. but it's impossible for me to come to guwahati. if i get a form from net and submit it with all the documents through my brother, will it be accepted. plz reply.
Deepak 's picture

Hi its Deepak  ,Surely why not if u r unable to come to guwahati u can send any one on ur behalfto get admitted into the course of ur choice.Just download the admission form and make a draft of the reqisite fees along with other testimonials starting from ur matriculation ,ur birth certificaten every documents till ur graduation.u can even contact the guwahati regional centreContact no is: 0361-2343771or if they doesnot respond u then directly contact ignou headquarter in delhicontact no is:011-2957221. i have a suggestion for u ,first make sure u are eligible for the courseand then make adraft otherwise it would only be wastage of moneyNote: Admission at ignou is done fully on the basis of meriti hope this helps  
Deepak 's picture

surely until and unless u all r sincere and devoted u canot ge through IGNOU.Passing from ignou isnot so easy .I m not frightining anyone its just the reality. i  was a BCA student n faced much difficultyn was struggling to get thru.   Most of my friends leaved ignou because of fear of not getting thru n  i wasleft alone in my batch but i never gave up trying n in the end by GODS grace i was succesfull in getting thrumy exams with 1st division with 62% marks in BCA .So u need only 2 thing toget thru ur exams1)patience2)InternetGet in touch with internet and solve ur all problems 
papori kalita's picture

Yes its very. I am a final year student of bschot. Completed final yr term end theory xam by june. But practical xam have not been conducted yet. We have given so many appliction in guwahati regional center but already 1 mnth gone till now no responses. Due to which i have to face so many prblm specialy reguarding jobs.  

 I have not been given my hall ticket as i applied to give exam at th FAQ of IGNOU it is clear that you can give exam from any place ..NOTE the paragraph Q4.12. so harrasssing   
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Non receipt of study-material on time causes difficulty to complete the assignment on time.Hence it takes years to complete a course as working people have limited time span to study.Evevtually it becomes a burden on the student and student looses interest in it.Lack of contact programme to clarify doubts are another issue.Many working people left the courses half done resulting in loss of money,effort,valuable years.


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