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Modi Sarkar: are we almost there?

The emerging trends overtly indicate that a BJP led government will assume power in New Delhi after May 16. And going by the poll pundits’ version and opinion polls, it appears that the BJP’s election slogan Aabki Baar Modi Sarkar will actually get cemented. The BJP’s electioneering campaign has been centred on its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and that his wave has swept the length and breadth of this country can be gauged not only by the opposition campaigning statements but even school going kids are heard rhyming Aabki Baar Modi Sarkar. The non-stop blitzkrieg by Modi is not only commendable but a tremendous feat that he has achieved because it needs countering the opposition with the right set of speeches that involve the mind and intellect besides enormous physical power. Modi has shown all these in his campaigns, so far, as he teared into his opposition leaving them no space for introspection. His wave has indeed become more of a tsunami of late and his charismatic persona that pulled crowd, be it any arena, was not even seen in Sonia Gandhi’s whirlwind tour of the country in 2004. That Modi is a staunch follower of Swami Vivekananda, is seen in his tirade of a campaign this election. Although it would not be wise to draw any comparison here, but there is a similarity in both these Narendras, Vivekananda’s original name was Narendranath Dutta. Whereas as Vivekananda travelled world over to preach ancient Indian wisdom, Modi is trotting the country to give the people their hope for a change they are seeking long. 

There are some who compares this Modi wave with that of the Nehruvian wave after India’s independence. But there is no such similarity if it is assessed from a correct perspective. The Nehru wave was in reality a wave of the country that became free from the clutches of the British administration then. It was more of a Free India, a wave of independence of which Nehru was to become the first Prime Minister. We may not doubt the contribution of the Nehru family to India’s independence, like those in the then Bengal – who have made incomparable contributions – but to attach that to Nehru wave is bizarre and unfounded. In the Bangladesh Liberation War Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman, all knows, have made tremendous contribution to free his country from the onslaught of Pakistan and he later became the president of Free Bangladesh. But does his elimination in any way a wave? Yes his countrymen wanted him to be the president because of his contribution but the wave was that of the freedom. Actually, both these gentleman were stationed in such a time in history that their countrymen looked up to them since they were the best around then, perhaps. But to equate them with wave is not purchasable.  

Modi’s wave on the other hand is indeed a wave. The countrymen for the last decade has experienced rank misrule by the Congress party in every sphere of the economy and Modi has taken the onus in his hand to rid the country and give the countrymen the change that they are badly looking for. The high voter turnout is only an indication to this fact and none knows it better than the Congress dynasty itself. Brig. RS Chhikara writes, “Public enthusiasm is a clear index of public hope and expectations which appear to have risen sky high. People of India expect the next government to deliver substantive and visible results in the form of  lower cost of living, more jobs, better and affordable education, easily accessible health care, efficient and effective enforcement of law by police and judiciary, public – especially women’s safety, a muscular policy against terrorism and Maoism and an efficient system of governance sans corruption. Above all they now want an accountable and service oriented bureaucracy shedding its legendry arrogance and colonial hangover.” Modi has in his speeches have delved upon all these aspects which counts more for a common man than the Congress netas and babus. This is a wave because in 1947 the war was against the British to free India and in 2014 the war is to rid the country from those who swear by a dynasty and favour Europeans. There is no difference between those Britishers, who invaded India and took away all its resources, and this “Indian Britishers” who are looting the country to favour themselves and their loyalists. Only the time is different and the characters have changed whereas the problem is the same. 

A fascinating aspect about Modi’s speeches is that all his statements are severe crowd puller and has the capacity to pull votes. His comments like “I have sold tea, not the country like Congress”, “I can go back and sell tea if I don’t become PM but what will Rahul do”, “Illegal Bangladeshi will be send back packing after May 16... Those who are thrown out of Bangladesh, those who observe Durgastami and speak Bengali, they are all our Mother India’s children and will get the same respect as any Indian” and many more earn commoners interest whereas on the other hand the Congress has nothing to say or counter except making some beaten remarks. More than any other states perhaps Assam knows it better what is stored for it if Modi’s means business with his version on illegal Bangladeshi. He is an authority who has a voice as people of the country believes that he can keep up the integrity of the country than his feeble former counterpart, who proved to be a puppet in the hand of a lady, could not ensure. In fact the rise of Modi in this election has been so incredible that what was not conceived earlier, to campaign in rival constituencies of top contestants, has now changed as Modi has even touched upon Amethi – a Congress bastion – and played his caste card. This is a calculated move as he could smell how badly Congress is trying to hold on to its last of pillars. This has done serious damage to the morale of the Congress, which is fighting more for its own survival in this election.    

Modi’s rising stature and almost single handed tirade on the Congress has made him an important person like Netaji SC Bose, specifically in terms of Bose’s stature then outside the Congress. Such was Bose’s nationalistic activities coupled with his patriotic speeches that pulled out countrymen from their zones and join him gave Nehru and Congress sleepless nights. A similar such stature in Modi, who resembles Bose of the foregone era, is what Congress is eyeing today as they seem totally helpless in containing him. In this regard, what Indra Kumar of RSS has said recently is right up there that former Indian Prime Minister AB Vajpayee was more like Mahatma Gandhi and Modi like Bose. It may not be wise to drag Bose but what can be gauged are similarities in Modi’s moves with that of Bose.     


Noted columnist MJ Akbar has rightly compared this general election and the fall of the Congress party with the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). He said that the defending champions, Mumbai Indians, paltry show in the contest so far can at best be seen in the performance of Congress. The team until recently has not won a single march, except one very recently, and that this defending champions chances of retaining the gala trophy looks indeed bleak similar to Congress chances of retaining power in New Delhi post election. But the dynamics of the game of cricket and that of politics is different in the sense that in the former it depends on players performance to win a game whereas in the latter the supporters plays a crucial role as the mandate rests on their hand. In cricket the supporters’ role is minimal, from behind the fence, whereas in politics, the players (politicians) role is minimal despite occupying the centre-stage while the supporters with their fenced franchise can turn the game away or in favour of a candidate. So in the latter the fence sitter is the decider. 

It has been seen that two regional chief ministers, Dr Mukul Sangma (Meghalaya) and Tarun Gogoi (Assam) have been vocal in denouncing Modi in this election. Why are they critical because they could smell the harder days ahead when they have to return with empty baskets from the national capital as their political godfather may not be seen anywhere to shower on them the patronage they have been receiving so far no matter whenever they knocked at the door of Sonia Gandhi or AICC. In fact, the other NE states do not go begging to the national capital as much as these two states, particularly Meghalaya – which is even ahead of Assam. Manipur, which is more volatile than the other regional states today, its CM, is hardly seen running to the national capital at the drop of hat like his Meghalaya counterpart. If a comparison is made, Meghalaya leads this race – in total violation of its traditional customary laws in terms of seeking – because it has been kept fed by the Congress led UPA government in the same way a child is nurtured by its parents. But here the nurturing is only benefitting the health of few congressmen. So this nurturing has to stop and flow only on the basis of performance. What these Congress CMs and other congressmen should ponder upon now is whether the Congress party is facing extinction similar to the Nehruvian and later Indira Gandhi’s downfall? 


Today BJP administered states in the country are much ahead in comparison with non-BJP ruled states. In fact, the people are lucky to have a persona in Modi to lead the country if he gets the mandate because there is none next to him, today, to bring the country back on its track. The leadership crisis and policy paralysis of the Congress led UPA government has ruined the country for ten long years and it is more than time for a leader like Modi with a proven track record to guide this country. But Modi has to be careful at the same time because many forces from within and outside the country will prey to topple him. Given his tough personality and authority, one can hope for sure that he would overcome all odds. 

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