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Democracy needs educated people

AAP campaign

India claims to be the largest democratic country in the world. In a country where majority of people do not get proper education about their status other than to vote for a political party or an individual on the basis of their ‘vague assurances’ to look into their welfare being in power only does not carry any meaning. India’s constitution provided specific conditions to educate the people within shortest time after independence, so that they could be in position to think about right or wrong policies of the government and raise their voice against the ‘evil designs’ of their destiny makers. The constitution has been amended hundred times, but the people in general could not be benefitted.

Till the leaders who took over the power from the British rulers, they tried to overcome the problems of deteriorating economy, as the foreigners left the country living its people starving. The freedom fighters had experienced the brutalities of foreigners, who ruled over the country for more than two hundred years. The leaders of those days had dreamed for a happy and prosperous future of the countrymen. Education system based on patriotic themes were conducted throughout the country for about two decades ahead of independence. In fact the education system at basic schools at village level had started during the last phase of British rule. The primary school teachers played vital role in the independence struggle by educating their students about the struggle for independence.

With the entry of the new generation in the politics, the picture started changing its course. For remaining in power some politicians started using money and muscle power. Muscle men were hired to keep those leaders in power till they like. Politics became a ‘rich industry’ in very short time. The public money allotted for developmental schemes were misused and leaders started accumulating their assets. The country’s education system was thrown to back seat. The people in power started sending their children to high-class institutions so that they can take the opportunity of being successor of their seniors. Common people had no access to such costly institutions. Whereas poor Indians failed to get proper education, the highly educated successors of politicians took over the reign of country’s administration. This practice is continue to degrade the government’s educational institutions. Reservations for unqualified teachers have brought bad name to educational system of the country.

Musclemen engaged to serve their senior leaders jumped into the politics in due course. Their feeling was that if they could bring victory for their masters for money, why they can’t do the same for themselves. Crime in administration reached its peak because of the entry of criminals in politics. Corruption from top to bottom increased in each and every section of administration. Those in power have become masters and forgotten to serve the people and the public money is used to multiply the wealth of so-called leaders. Ignorant people are ‘cheated’ by so-called political leaders who form a group of a section of people promising to help in removing their grievances and form alliance with another group to fulfill their own dreams. Electorate of the country fail to ascertain the motives of such leaders, who are loyal to only their own family. The pattern of electoral system in the country without educating the entire population to know their rights and duties has no meaning. The nation needs to educate the entire population on priority basis and then declare it as democratic country. The passing of Right to Education Act does not carry any meaning till its implementation is fully ascertained.


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