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It’s all about loving your Parents

The beauty of the Indian society is that we still believe in loving our parent’s, grandparents, and all our extended family. Every living creature on this planet loves their fellow being. Their is love among the animals, birds and even plants. Birds rub their beaks against each other, to show their warmth, and love. It’s such a delight to watch a dog licking it’s own platoon of puppies, or a cow rubbing it’s back against it’s own new born calf. Trees sway their branches acknowledging each other’s presence these are some of God’s beautiful creature showing their love for each other. These sights are a real delight to us human beings in this life full of mundane work, stress and cut throat competition.

The umbilical chord connection is the strongest among human beings. It’s for a lifetime. Parents shoulder all responsibilities and ups and down in life, comprises and sacrifices, just to make sure that their own off springs have the best in life, and be a good human being who could positively contribute for the mother earth. When a mother nurtures her child all other things which at one point of time might have been of prime importance to her takes a back seat and all that matters is her child and it’s happiness. The beauty of this unconditional love is that it does not last for a couple of days or months but is an endless process till death beckons her.

It’s unconditional that is why there is the maximum beauty in it and is priceless. But the changing times have also left its ugly marks on this relationship too. A child after growing up fails to appreciate and also reciprocate in a befitting manner towards the love of their parents.The movie Bhaaghban depicts it wonderfully.

Parents do not expect much from their off springs they happily give their lifetime for them. But what they need is a little bit of love some time quality time spent together and not ignoring them, when they need us the most. As children grow up I think the relationship needs a role reversal, we need to make them our most priced possessions, at all time.

But we have become so preoccupied moving ahead in life that at times knowingly, and at times unknowingly we take them for granted and they take a back seat in our life. That is the proof as to why so many old age homes have and are still mushrooming in a country like India, where we are taught to love our parents.

The west is full of it, family bonding is very fragile and that is why people suffer from so much loneliness and depression there. All they want is love and it does not cost a penny to anybody for expressing it.

If in life we cannot love our parents unconditionally, I believe we cannot call ourselves a complete human being, somewhere or the other some basis human quality is missing. Winning laurels in life and moving ahead holds no charm if we miss out in connecting with our parents and fail to be there for them, the way they are for us always.

We need to be very expressive in whatever way we are comfortable in showing our love for them each passing day. Our outlook towards life will be so beautiful.

I can vouch for this with my own personal experience. Coz I do it every day. For me it is a wonderful stress buster at the end of the day and I am sure it is for all of us who love their parents and express it to them whenever possible, and have them in our mind above anything else.

Loving parents will make us better human beings at all spheres of life, it will make us realize the value of life, and in turn we can make this earth a beautiful place for each one of us for loving our parents will help us appreciate life much better. It’s so simple to make this world a better place to live and remove all the hatred and bloodshed; it’s all about loving our parents and moving ahead.
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Very Touching . Fantastic !!!

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