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Life hain tou jannat hain

The very first evidence of a new life forming in all mammals is first felt by the female counterpart, in whose womb the life starts growing. Human beings are no exception to it.

After nine months in most cases leaving a few like elephants whose gestation period carries on for 22 months, dogs 63 days, and cats 67 days. The life that is formed makes it’s appearances on this planet. And then the journey continues, as long as its lifespan is there.

The ones who are born without any physical deformities by birth are the lucky ones compared to their counterparts who are challenged for a life time and are challenged in one form or the other.

When we pass by an organisation, for the physically challenged, or see someone on the road, handicapped, the most common reaction for most of us is that of pity. The feeling lasts for a few seconds and then millions of other thoughts like schedules to be met, deadlines to be completed flood our mind and the sight that we had witnessed a few seconds ago passes into oblivion.

We miss out on a very glaring fact of life that somewhere we have just taken our daily existence as something that will be there for eternity.

We take our life and our body for granted. Unlike in many countries in the west where everyone from a very young age is made to realise that we need to love and worship our own body with that much passion and zeal as we love and take care of our material belongings. A few months back I was reading an article in The Reader’s digest about a victim who had survived the Glasgow bombings in one of the tube station of London. She was alive but with a lot of physical damage to her body, and it took her months to heal and become normal. She had mentioned that she could not turn from one side to the other and lay in the same position for several months. When life was perfectly normal and she lay in bed turning and tossing a million times she had least realised the value of that simple pleasure of turning over the bed and which had given her immense comfort and happiness. The incident moved my soul and I felt that we need to be grateful to that someone Special who controls our very existence. We need to love our body and be grateful to Him on a daily basis for seeing us through without any physical injury and protecting our day to day wellbeing and should feel that we are blessed.

The other day I tripped and fell down the stairs but God was kind that I did not fracture my leg, but was bruised, toe nail broken, and pain for the subsequent few days. The slightest discomfort that my body underwent brought in quite an amount of unpleasantness to me; I was limping, could not walk fast, and the constant nagging mild pain. It made me realise that had I been a little careful about the faulty staircase I could have avoided all the pain. I should have been a little more alert, but I overlooked it because like millions of others had taken my body for granted, not realising that if I harm it for my own negligence, I should not be cribbing latter. This small incident made me realise that we need to love our body and take care of it before it becomes too late.

The young generation needs to be enlightened on this aspect of live. In a busy street it’s quite a familiar sight seeing youngsters accelerate with speed and enjoy the high for a few seconds, least realising a small mistake in a few seconds could snatch away all the opportunities for enjoying, even small pleasures of life, like taking a stroll, going for a jog, just walking up to the nearby provisional store doing small errands for the home. Not only for self but could engulf many innocent people who have to bear the brunt of somebody else’s negligence. The catastrophe happens because somewhere down the line, we have taken our fit body for granted not caring for it, and not having the desired level of possessiveness for it. We have maimed it ourself for frivolous pleasures of life.

Abusing one’s body is not a rare phenomenon; we human beings abuse it with drugs, alcohol, unhealthy eating habits, leading to obesity, and thus the gateway opens for making the innumerable trips to the hospital, and abruptly cutting short a beautiful life.

The age old saying’ health is wealth’ is so true, but the irony is we give it the least priority, and when we realise that we need to nourish it on a regular day to day basis, for a healthy lifespan, time somewhere has left us far behind.........

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What a wonderful writeup. These are happening everywhere but we do not think about these hope d article is read by many and realise the value of life.
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A heart touching narration of some burning evils of the society and of many individuals all over the world. It is particularly unfortunatr that there is no perceivable effort on the part of social organisatoin or goverment or non-govt educational society to sysmatically eradicate the evils and protect every human being to live there full span of life and thus help to contribute to the beautiful earth Bonbon please continue focusssing the essentials for a good life.
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Nice reflection of life in totality !
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Great article ... very thought provoking. I enjoy reading your articles bonbon.

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