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Falling in love... with life

The oxford dictionary states the meaning of Odyssey as a long adventurous journey.

This long adventurous journey can be made a memorable one or can be goofed up. The entire outcome totally rests on us.

Every life on this planet needs to be respected and be appreciated for its presence. It could be human beings, animals, or plants.

The unrest that is prevailing all over the universe which is showing it’s manifestations in the name of hatred, wars,corruption,is the outcome of the fact that we have just forgotten to appreciate life anymore.

The moment we are out from the mother’s womb our odyssey for life begins. The formative years lays the foundation for this journey which all of us need to undertake in a meaningful way so that by the time we arrive at our final destination, we can leave an indelible mark behind for others.

We have taken life for granted or rather we do not value it on an every day basis. We are not willing to learn from our mistakes, neither are we ready to accept any kind of positive input from others.

This kind of an attitude is mushrooming in a rapid way all around us. I am mentioning Delhi as it is high on statistic records. It saddens me deeply that an elderly lady suffering from the most dreaded disease Cancer, pillion ridding with her daughter is thrashed by a young boy at a traffic junction for asking the young man not to drive rashly. The enraged young man whose ego and vanity has got tremendously hurt found that the best way to vent it is by showing his youth power. Drags the lady on road and hits her for showing concern for live on the road. The public stands as a mute spectator.

In yet another incident again in Delhi an elderly man is stabbed to death in a moving bus by a bunch of hooligans because he had the guts and the moral conviction to stand up for what he thought was wrong, outraging the modesty of a young girl. Once again the rest of the people’s conscience did not make a stir that they need to be united to stand up for anything like showing disregard for another life nothing can be more important than this. But why should we get into the hassle ‘I am not effected’, somebody else will do it. It’s a problem which has got so deep rooted into our system we need some serious introspection on this. Where are we heading towards? We talk about big changes, globalisation, good infrastructure the wishes on the list are endless. All this can only be achieved by us people. But we cannot think big unless our basic foundation is clear, and open.

The day we step out from the self made closet called self centeredness which is filled with violence, no respect for anyone, with lots of ego and zero tolerance can we think of this world as a better place to live?

It’s the people who make a nation, more so the youth, who are the future of tomorrow. As Narayana Murthy in his book ‘A Better India And a better World’ has said “Individually we are what our culture is and what our values are. Culture is about our beliefs, our priorities in life, things that bring us joy and sorrow, concern for the less fortunate, and how we interact with others. Values become extremely important in aggressive development, in our determination to redeem the pledge of our founding fathers and our desire to be recognised as a trust worthy and a productive member of the global community”.

Parents play a very crucial role in building a sound foundation of strong values and these should be reinstated over a period of time on a regular basis .Today’s generation of parents hardly notice the wrong doing of their child, blames it on surrounding .Forgetting that each one of us have contributed in some way way or the other towards this surrounding. The importance of life among everybody needs to felt very passionately. If we succeed in infusing this simple belief we need not worry of another 9/11 or a 26/11.We are all one and the same with different capabilities so that we can compliment each other in making a beautiful world worth living, and appreciating the Almighty, for making us human beings.

Lot of damage has already been done but hope and faith still exists. As long as these vital beliefs are alive we need to work on it in our own special way, before we get engulfed forever in the horrible nightmare, and forget to appreciate life anymore.

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Very inspiring expression about life! Today, the material things are so much affecting our life that we are forced to live in self made shell. So, not only from society, but in totality we are moving away from immediate family members too! But, real beauty of life lies in sociality beyond boundary of home.
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Dear Bonbon, Truly inspiring article. I live in singapore and regularly follow My compliments to you for making the first step towards change. Be the Chnage you want to be.. Next time i see something wrong..I will stand up and voice out.. Nimish
Pranjal Saikia's picture

Dear Bonbon, Your Conjunction of expression and thoughts are very beautiful. I myself write for, and I like your contents amongst one of the best amongst the few who jet down their pen of thoughts here. All the best...
mridula rajkhowa chakravartee's picture

Delighted to see the feeling of a true human being. Let your feelings be spread and help people to change their inhuman attitude and realise the meaning and true value of life.
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The article has been heartening to read.This has been really a grotesque situation that happens in India and we need to voice up against this.

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