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I Believe…

The mystery of life is very hard to decipher. To each his own interpretation. It all depends upon how we look at life. But one cannot deny the fact that when God created this universe, and He made all the living things and MAN too, He decided to bestow upon man the maximum sense and sensibilities. That is why Man is said to be the supreme creator of God. It’s our moral obligation to uphold this sanctity and make this universe a better place.

We have made all possible advancements in all spheres of life to such an extent that at times many of us consider ourselves next to God. But the million dollar question is can we ever take that place? We have forgotten to respect the feelings and emotions of others and also at the same time become too self-centered, it does not seem to prick our conscience until and unless we are directly affected

Being associated with the defence force courtesy husband being part of it, have travelled many places meet a cross section of people with their idiosyncrasies. Being not too bad with interpersonal relations it’s actually a great learning experience to meet new people , their way of life, also can get a sneak peak into their mindset!

But what I have seen in this 7years of travelling around that people have a real distorted image of Assam. Though an Indian foremost but I strongly believe that the time has come to let the world know that though an Indian, we should be proud of the state we belong too, and there should be no qualms about it. That is why I am proud being an Axomiya always. The first thing that any of the ‘Fujis’ would have is hope not a posting to east! It’s the land of Ulfas, cannot move out its unsafe, are places accessible? Do we get all the eatables? The list could be endless. I am sure it could be disheartening to anyone who is proud to be an axomiya and with pride say yes “I am from Assam”.

There will be many who would have a unanimous agreement with me that Assam is indeed a paradise on earth. The most positive aspect is till date the average Assamese people are simple at heart, accommodating and not too complex. We are much better off when it comes to intellectual understanding, and open to adopt new ideas.

In the era of globalization when every one is taking the maximum benefit out of it why should we from Assam lag behind? It’s a land of picturesque beauty with lots of greenery which is envy to many and an immeasurable asset for the people of Assam. The land has immense potentialities, multinationals would love to make it their hub, and people would be employed. The infrastructure of the state would develop. If People of a state are employed and state of the art infrastructure is there, and the state improves economically what more can we ask.

We cannot live in isolation neither can we achieve anything by being independent from the rest of the country. I think the time has come wherein our ULFA comrades need to realize we cannot win over anything with hatred and bloodshed and getting isolated. Killing our own people will lead us no where. We cannot deny the fact that united we stand divided we fall. Let’s not destroy our own place and let the fear psychosis which the people have for this place become a distant memory.

I believe that love can conquer the most impossible thing it’s the need of the hour that the educated Assamese be united to save their own land from getting ruined. We need to be more vocal on expressing our views which are logical for it is the moral obligations of each one of us to contribute in our small way in saving our own place where we and generations of ours have lived a lifetime. Let’s not allow that a section of misguided youth destroys the Haven on earth. We need to infuse sense and sensibilities in them with love, logical reasoning and patience to make an earnest effort in changing their mindset to contribute for a positive development. Let’s give it a try.
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