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Let us make a difference

Change is the law of nature and the second most important truth after the ultimate truth of life and Death. Every living thing on this universe adapts to change. Seasons of nature are also a part of the various changes that take place in this universe. Our mother Earth has also shown her change recently by switching from the gruesome summer seasons, giving respite to every one. The ones who have the comforts of a home and electricity are slightly better of compared to their counterparts who dwell on the roadside without the blanket of protection above their head. The winter nip is in the air. The atmosphere has cooled down and every one is ready bringing out the winter clothing to enjoy the winter delights in total comfort.

Has any one wondered what happens to the street children, the old and the young alike? What do they do when the harsh winter wind bites them, when they would love to have a blanket of warmth around them? Or how do they feel under the scorching sun day in and day out. After all they are just one among us.

Every morning when like thousands of people I also rush out on a regular routine, to earn my bread, my eyes have never failed to notice ‘Her’ even one single day. Let it be summers, winter, and the terrible monsoons. ‘She’ is always sitting on the divider of the road. The irony is ‘She’ is deformed and cannot walk she crawls and from what I have felt is she must have been doing it from the time she realized about her terrible fate.
At times I wonder does she ever feel happy, or smile at some point of time in her life or is always eclipsed by her sufferings. Every time I see her, am thankful to God for all that He has given, I could not have asked for more. A person like ‘Her’ makes us realize that we should be content with what we have and greed, jealousy, malice, should not govern our lives.

In a country like India, which is said to be the largest democracy in the world with the uniqueness of so many people of different origin living together and known for ‘Her’ tolerance, and hospitability and immense accommodating power, has no meaning when a sight like the sight of the unknown lady is so common in our country.

Our politicians both in power and in the opposition make big promises for the welfare of humanity, but does it ever get implemented to its fullest, will be best answered by them only.

Ideally the clarion call of the day should be that every one, be privileged, enough to get the basics in life. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it is the physiological needs of a human being, food clothing and shelter which are considered to be the birth right of every individual so that he can live in dignity and self respect.

Let’s not blame only the rulers of the country the common citizen has the maximum power to make a difference to the country, by becoming more observant and sensitive towards their own surroundings and make the smallest of contribution according to each ones capabilities.

Hope pulls us always to meet another new day with brighter horizons, lets hope a day will come when every Indian has the basic necessities of life so that when one of the few changes like the change of seasons occur in nature thousands who cannot enjoy the pleasure of welcoming this changing season will look forward to welcome the changes, like a handful of privileged lot, like you and me do always.
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