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Hojai farmers victim of land grabbers

Farmers in Hojai subdivision of Nagaon district of Assam are spending sleepless nights due to the fear of land mafias, who are conspiring to grab their agricultural land with the help of a few corrupt district officials, said Shiladitya Dev, National Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party Kisan Morcha. Addressing the media persons at Guwahati Press club on December 8 last, he alleged that for the last few months it is noticed that land mafias have been trying to grab the land by fraudulent means and have been utilizing the services of a few government officials in the nefarious deals. In this connection he has already submitted a memorandum to the Chief Secretary, Assam

He further said that the cases of the land crabbing had earlier been reported in the subdivision like Karmakarpara, Pub-Dhaniram Pathar, Golaghatia Basti for which the people had made complaints against the Circle Officer (Revenue), Hojai for his involvement in the cases, who was later transferred on demand. Now it is understood that the mafias have obtained orders from the senior district official, A N I H Bora, Additional District Magistrate, Nagaon and have succeeded in their efforts to harass the poor farmers of Thikadar Basti Kissam ,Mouza Jugijan, Hojai, District Nagaon.

In the said case the farmers are jointly rightful owners and possessors of the agricultural land measuring 20 Bighas 1 katha,10 lechas , covered by P P No 210 Dag, No 374 at Thikadar Basti and had inherited from their respective predecessors in interest. The respective predecessors had purchased the said land from the owners way back in 1956 through registered sale deed and since then they were possessing and cultivating upon it . The said land had been the prime source of their livelihood and they continued to do so legally for the successors. One of the successors has even constructed a residential house over his part of land and has been living for many years. The land mafias are altering the records pertaining to poor peasants in a very organized way and claim their right over such land and forcefully dispossess the helpless peasants in connivance with local police and some officials.

On 15th November last, when the farmers left the ready paddy harvest of the said land after cutting the crop for drying, the land mafias accompanied by 40 armed miscreants on a tractor arrived and started loading the harvest. They also physically assaulted the female members and damaged their property when they tried to resist. The police personnel of Hojai police station, who were present on the spot, surprisingly facilitated the land grabbers. The police also assaulted the family members of poor farmers at the behest of the land mafias when they were trying to resist their attempt of looting their crops forcefully. Hojai police also arrested the poor peasant, Amit Pandit on false charges and forwarded him to judicial custody.

Subsequently, the land grabbers had filed a case in the court of ADC, Nagaon u/s 145of Cr PC, to harass the poor farmers, which is false and out of jurisdiction. The ADC, Nagaon passed an order on 22.11.2010, without any investigation and merely basing on newspapers’ reports . He directed the Hojai police to attach the disputed land under section 146(i) Cr P C, which came as a shock to the helpless farmers. BJP Kisan Morcha has prayed the Chief Secretary to intervene in the matter and help poor farmers getting justice.

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Journalist; Guwahati Press Club office Secretary

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