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1200 Reang Regugees came back to Home

A group of 1200 Reang refugees has returned back to home, Mizoram from Kanchanpur of north Tripura after thirteen years of displacement. Flowing the recent direction of the central home ministry Tripura government took strong initiative to send the refugees to their home state.In 1997 around 32000 Reang tribals had to leave Mizoram for a clash with local Mizo people and took shelter in Tripura. Since then they have been living in north Tripura. But they frequently express to return back. Recently a Delhi based Right groups Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) pleaded the central Home ministry to take up appropriate step for resettlement as well as mitigation of plight of the refugees instantly. Accordingly, Home minister P Chidambaram,in his last vist to Agartala asked Tripura government to take a strong step with regard to this.But when the others wiil leave the state is not clear yet.

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Reang return to Mizoram "after thirteen years of displacement" reflected in this article is incorrect; Reang refugees fled Mizoram a year back because of the gruesome killing of a mizo youth suspectedly by some miscreants in the Reang community. Mizo's are known for their hospitality and compassion towards the Reang community.


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