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Increasing man elephant conflict in Udalguri district

Man elephant conflict has taken a serious turn in Udalguri district.The recent discovery of a decomposed body of a 2 years old elephant in Barangajuli TE on July 3 has created sensation in the district as the matter had raised several questions relating the safety movement of the wild elephants .On receiving information from garden authority of Barangajuli TE, a team of civil and forest officials headed by D.N.Hazarika, Circle Officer Harisinga Revenue Circle (Tangla)and accompanied by members of Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society, arrived at the site on July 4.According to the Circle Officer,the dead body of the wild elephant was decomposed badly and post mortem could not be performed. But according to the version of the members of the NGO and forest officials,it was ascertained that the Manipuri type (small in size) 2 years old elephant had died one week earlier due to poisoning.

In another incident, a thirty years old elephant was spotted at section 26 of Orangajuli TE near Indo-Bhutan international border in the month of July 2009.The elephant could not walk and looked injured. It was moving in the forests near the tea garden accompanied by a herd of wild elephants numbering 25 to thirty. Nature loving Ananta Bagh,CEO of Nonoi based NGO ( Green valley Forest and wildlife Protection Society ) and others approached D.N. Hazarika, Circle Officer of Harisinga Revenue circle (Tangla ) for the proper treatment of the animal. The Circle Officer on receiving the information ,immediately informed DFO Udalguri for necessary action. He personally visited the elephant several times along with members of the local NGO and forest officials. The victim nearly stopped eating. Finding no way to save it, other members of the herd finally abandoned the unfortunate elephant on the night of July 4 at sector 15 of Nonoipar TE, just 3 km away from the previous place. After public pressure,DFO Udalguri started taking action on July 4,and accordingly a team of surgeons from State veterinary College, Khanapara, headed by Asstt. Professor Dr.Bijay Dutta.along with DFO Udalguri arrived at the site at Nonoipara to treat the elephant. The elephant was tranquilized before administering several doses of antibiotics and pain killers. According to Dr.Dutta the the elephant bore deep spear injury on its front leg causing great pain.He also said that medicines for a period of one week had been administered on the spot but careful observation was needed for further treatment. According to him the animal was out of danger.

Both these two incidents have raised several questions relating the safe movement of wild elephants. The unabated destruction of forests and encroachment of forests lands by people have compelled wild elephants to roam in the localitie of Udalguri district.Ananta Bagh,CEO of Green Valley Forest and wild life Protection society (a Nonoi based NGO with more than 100 members for the conservation of floras and faunas of Assam.)has been much concerned about the safe passage of wild elephants in the areas.He said with regret that neither the tea garden management nor the high forest officials had ever been cooperative to them in the matter of conservation of animals and birds.He strongly opposed the erection of high voltage electric fencing in the tea gardens by the managements causing death to so many wild animals.


Arindam Mani Das's picture

After all the things we human beings have been doing....we've now started killing tuskerless elephants!!!....maybe someday we'll even start eating them....
Jatin Das's picture

Its really sad to see jumbos loosing their own homes. The way population growing in India, there would be no animals and birds left. Only way to save wild animals particularly elephants, carfew should be clamped or no man's land around forest reserves could be declared. But population control is must. Government must frame laws forbidding jobs or government loan rights to those who had more than one child. Unbelievable to see people desperately rush at wild elephants to put a spear in to its body or poisoning its food. God save people!


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