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Don’t Panic: Transform Self-Quarantine to your graceful spiritual retreat


Hello Divine Beings, Namaskar. Here, in this emergency I am going to share with you something spiritual. In this period entire humanity is passing through a difficult situation and in this moment self-quarantine is the major and primary step to help own self and help entire humanity.

Well, as it is a sudden threat, so it is usual to be worried and panic to some extent. But we should not forget that we human beings many a time faced many challenges like this, and we successfully overcome those situations. Here, in India also National Lock Down was declared by the Union Government for 21 days from 25.03.2020 to 15.04.2020 for safety and security of the people. It is the need of the hour and one of the best decisions taken by the Government to fight with COVID-19. Similar situation is going on in most of the part of this globe. Now, for many of us it becomes difficult to stay at home for such long time suddenly. But now it is only way to save humanity from this danger. As, I am a believer and a follower of ancient Indian Yoga which is purely spiritual practice so on advised by some of my friends and well wishers I am going to start sharing with you some daily easy spiritual practices that will help you to calm your mind and this practice also develop your mental and physical immunity gradually. Virus is not a new term for us, and we used to get affected by virous. This virus is new to our body, so we need some time to deal with, but we don’t have to panic or worried. Only, we need to follow medical instructions and stay at home.

Now, as in this period it will be difficult to start pranayama and yoga asanas for beginners, so I am not going to explain all these in this series of discussion. Here, mainly I am sharing with you some unique prayer and inner dialogue practice comes under ancient Indian Sri Vidya discipline of samaya school, some universal prayer chanting practice under some ancient Indian Tamil  Siddhar tradition and sravana (Listening), kirtana (singing or chanting) and manana (meditating or recollection) practice under the tradition of Srimad Bhagwata Purana and some different easy meditation related to mind in a very simplified and easy way in modern day context. Here, I am not discussing more details of these yoga school and their various disciplines rather going to discuss how we can use these practices easily in daily life for transformation of our isolation to a beautiful inward journey of joy. Let’s start with the first practice today. Hope, it will be enjoying.

Meditating ‘AUM’:

Yes, divine beings, here we first start with the meditating on ‘AUM’ in a unique way. AUM is the symbol of truth or we can say it as universal primordial cosmic sound of Divinity or awakening mind. AUM is beyond explanation it is the symbol of truth, beauty and oneness. When reciting this sacred sound, we at some point of time may start feel it which is beyond explanation. As I told it as the symbol of awakening mind, so it is key to calm our restless mind. When our mind becomes calm, we become one pointed and automatically we can stay in one place. So, lets start this divine journey NOW and Transform your Self-Quarantine to Graceful Spiritual Retreat. It helps you to overcome your worry, anxiety and provide you good sleep and help in digestion.

Here, we are applying two methods.

First, Kirtana (Singing or Chanting). Means, you chant ‘AUM’ with joy and divine gratitude. Then it becomes song celestial.

Second, Sravana (listening).  Here, it means you listen yourself that singing or chanting of ‘AUM’ by you with gratitude.

Whenever you apply these two methods simultaneously your mind starts becoming one pointed and automatically it starts resting and becoming calm.

Now, take a deep breath slowly and gently and chant or sing cosmic sound of divine joy ‘AUM’. Once you have completed the first chanting take a deep breath slowly and gently in similar way and repeat the chanting. Continue this for some minutes as you like. There is no specific posture required for this chanting you can do it in any posture which is comfortable for us.

SO, lets start this beautiful journey of AUM in this divine retreat. Don’t, panic and take precautions as advised by the Government. DON’T WORRY THIS TIME WILL FLY- SING ‘AUM’ AND ENJOY THE INNER DANCE OF GRACE. More and more Divine love and prayer.  

Read: Day II..

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Kuldeep Baishya is a lawyer from Assam. Apart from his professional studies and social advocacy he has been occupied with two subjects Mahatma Gandhi and Peace building.

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