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Charaipung: Present tense past perfect

Charaipung still remains tense on Tuesday even as joint patrolling is on along the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border. According to allegations, the Assam Government is not doing enough to protect its people in along the border areas in Charaipung which is why tension grips following alleged encroachment by a section of people from the neighbouring state. NSCN(IM) is also alleged to have aided and abeted the trouble mongers. On the other hand, 12 organisations led by AASU are contuning their indefinite economic blockade in Kanubari-NEFA road, Chharaipung- Longding road in Sivasagar district and Joypore-Tezu road in Dibrugarh district for the third day demanding arrest ofthe culprits that destroyed the Charaipung police outpost and several houses.

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Pallavi Barua's picture

At this hour, we would like to hear from the C-in-C of the largest profit making insurgent organisation of Assam(ULFA)....what does Paresh Baruah have to say about such aggressions on the envisioned 'Swadhin Asom'?? How would senior leaders of the 'United Liberation Front of Asom'....the likes of Arbinda Rajkhowa, Mithinga Daimari, Bhimkanta Buragohain etc react to this burning issue?? Do they have any strategy chalked out to counter NSCN(IM) aggression activities which are carried out in connivance with villagers of neighbouring state off and on?? It seems we will hear from them next on the eve of 26 January (Republic Day)....till then, they hibernate.....zzzzzzzz.....sleep well!!
Jayanta Kumar Das's picture

I support u Pallavi.It was time Paresh Barua realized the reality.Why taking Assamese younger generation back to seventies?
Hemanta Gogoi's picture

Why Assam is falling to the tricks of Arunachal Pradesh Government for joint patrolling in Assam area? It is always Nagaland or Arunachal Pradesh policy 'to move forward and encroach up on Assam land, create law and order situation, and then maintain status quo in occupied Assam land through so called negotiations'. ..and we are fool enough to agree with such negotiations!
Hemanta Gogoi's picture

It is our Assam Government who will shoot down the ULFA cadres first unlike the Nagaland or Arunchal counterparts who work shoulder to shoulder with their insurgent groups in the interest of the respective states. Even meekly submitting to Arunachal government's demand for joint patrolling in the area between Charaipung and Teok river, the Assam Government has made this area 'disputed' to the advantage of Arunachal Pradesh. Shame! Shame!!
Jyotirmoy's picture

Shame on the Assam Govt. They came and plundered, burnt houses and Assam Govt agrees for joint patrolling. So we Assam loses more land now.
debojit's picture

oh guys do you think paresh baruah will do anything for assam? that prick is njoying his life making billions and destroying our ASOM, no doubt he even converted himself to islam. bloody disgrace to the assamese community, i say no surrender or for such person he should be encountered. these people if let free will dirty the next generation, And the congress and their bangladeshi vote banks, people have still not taken this issue seriously, day by they they are increasing, now a days they don't even fear the assamese people soon they gonna take over, guess they even reproduce faster than us assamese :-). God what will happen to our Khonor Asom???
Hayang Deuri's picture

THE OBJECTIVE OF 1951 BORDOLOI COMMISSION WAS PROPER ADMINISTRATION, NOT DEMARCARTION OF BOUNDARY---- This is in reference to the news item “Communities form Forum, rejects Bordoloi Commission Report” (The Arunachal Times; Saturday, September 04, 2010). Representatives of community based organizations in a daylong meeting decided to reject the 1951 notification and the Commission Report known as Bordoloi Commission Report, based on which the territory of N.E.F.A. (now Arunachal Pradesh) is defined. In north-east it has become very easy to form forums based on our ethnicity. But in our quest for land we miss out on historical realities. Bordoloi based his report on the demarcation of the north-east frontier province of then greater Assam based on the constructive suggestions as underlined by Verrier Elwin. Infact, the legendary friend of tribals Verrier Elwin and Gopinath Bordoloi were the only two greatest well wishers of N.E.FA. When Bordoloi demarcated N.E.FA. territory in 1951, it was for administrative convenience. Had he been alive in 1971, he would have been most hurt at the division of Assam, that too when there was no demand for statehood from the people of N.E.FA. Neither Elwin nor Bordoloi could ever imagine that the Hindi lobby in Delhi would have divided the north-east part of India into so many hostile statehoods. The British very well knew that in a region with so many mindboggling number of tribes would lead to hostility and tribal conflicts if each tribe is allotted separate statehood. So they set up districts and provinces for the purpose of administrative convenience and not to divide north-east on tribal or ethnic lines which the Hindi lobby did after 1947. The central government officials and ministers knew very well that tribal statehood means inter-state skirmishes and this would help them exploit the tribal communities and their natural resources to the hilt. They have succeeded very well as now the people of north-east never raise a collective voice against exploitation. Had the districts not been divided on the lines of tribal statehood, a man like Akhil Gogoi from Golaghat in Assam would have fought against corruption in Pasighat (now in Arunachal Pradesh). Had two states not been created, the Misings and Deuris would have joined the the Adis to protest against the ruthless atrocities committed upon the villagers in Pongging when they protested against dams. But now it has become ‘their problem, not ours’. This is why Arunachal Pradesh was created by the central government of India in the 1971. Down the years they have achieved just as they planned.
Simanta Phukan's picture

BIG WORDS, NO ACTION A few days back, Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sharma went to Charaipung and challenged the Nagaland CM Neiphu Rio saying, “Apuni jodi aek, aami dui” (if you are one, we are two). We can only say that the ministers of Assam suffer from this syndrome, “Rati holae xaat haal baai, ratipuwa aehalu nai” (At night they talk about ploughing 7 times, in the morning you see they have not ploughed even once). The atrocities of Naga police on the students of Assam in the territory of Assam is a shameful incident. Had it been Manipur, the government would have taught the Nagaland government a lesson. Are we the same people which drove the Mughal away from Assam 17 times?


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