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A peep into the Human Mind

The barbaric act on Saturday the 13th of September in the national capital has forced us to reflect and ponder once again. Why is it that for a section of society the value for a human life has no place in this world?

It is so disturbing and one feels so suffocating when we think of this entire act that is carried out by a handful of people without any remorse or guilt. Will this lead us anywhere?

The human mind is said to be the most amazing creation of God. It has done so many wonders. On the one hand the human mind has achieved such great heights that man has reached the moon, climbed the Everest, and has created world class doctors who are almost at par with the Almighty when it comes to saving a human life. Not to forget the discoveries in various spheres which have made our lives so comfortable. It’s this same human mind whose thought process if not channelised in the right direction can ruin the mother earth in minutes. Cities like Nagasaki and Hiroshima, which were destroyed by the ghastly atom bombs for generations to come; the various bomb blasts - let it be at Ahmadabad or a Bangalore, or the 9/11. The birth of terrorism is due to the hatred and zero tolerance level shown by various sections of people in many parts of the world. The mastermind behind these – human minds.

The motto of zero tolerance and the disrespect shown to a human life which is becoming rampant needs to be stopped before it becomes too late. It’s a matter which has to be dealt in-depth just not catching the people behind the massacre and let them languish behind jails. Then the credit is taken by some political party for showing its efficiency, and it eventually adds to its vote bank.

The need of the hour is maybe to look at it from various aspects, should deal with this problem more humanely and in a larger canvas. The human mind needs to be tamed which has just lost its vision.

Are we also are to be blamed for this scenario, may be partly yes. We have all become more self-centered and detached in today’s competitive world that we no longer have the urge and the desire to connect in an emotional level with anybody other than our own near and dear ones. What is it that has died within us? We need to peek in and reflect upon our inner conscience and see at what level are we also accountable for all the unrest that is there in our society. I am sure this introspection done at a very personal level without any pressure and under no stress is sure to come up with some solutions and when all these solutions are put together we could hit the jackpot!!! Maybe we will stumble upon some wonderful and valuable solutions which will go a long way in taming the wild and barbaric human mind that has become so popular in many parts of the society.

The time has come when each one of us needs to get passionately involved. The law makers of the country are at a higher level of accountability for we have chosen them to be our protectors and instead of being self absorbed in their own interest; they need to be more dedicated in keeping up with their promises that they make to millions of people before they get elected. We cannot afford such mishaps where many innocent people lose their kith and kin, for no reason.

The change in the human mind is very crucial, everything lies there. Rekindling of compassion, love and respecting another human live has to be revived. The day we start respecting lives, no matter how much we are cajoled or brainwashed in the name of terror, money and various materialistic benefits, one can never be convinced to be involved in such ghastly nightmares. The change lies just there. If that can be achieved, mankind can hope for a ray of light at the other end of the tunnel.

Targeting innocent people for fulfillment of some desire can never be a peaceful solution.

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Bonbon your writng is very sensitive ,and very true .Every one starts following what you said then the world will be a great place to live . No Pain No hatred .Keep writing

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