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Siang Biotech partners with Mumbai and Bangalore agro companies at Kishan Mela event

M/s Siang Biotech, a well-known supplier of agricultural machinery and biopesticides, joined forces with Aries Agro Ltd. of Mumbai, Barrix Agro Sciences Pvt. Ltd. of Bangalore, and Jain Irrigation Technology of Maharashtra to participate in the Kishan Mela event. The two-day fair featured exhibits of modern agricultural tools and other items, and was visited by the Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on its final day. The theme of the Kisan Mela was 'Innovations in Potato Farming to Empower Tribal Farmers in the North Eastern Region of India', and it was organized by the College of Agriculture in collaboration with the College of Horticulture and Forestry in Pasighat and the Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

Arunachal Pradesh is a state located in the northeastern region of India, known for its diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage. In recent years, the state has also been making significant strides in the field of biotechnology.

One notable initiative is the establishment of the Arunachal Pradesh Biotechnology Consortium (APBC). The APBC was formed with the goal of promoting the use of biotechnology in various sectors, including agriculture, health, and environmental conservation. To achieve this, the consortium has been working to create a conducive environment for research and development, as well as to build capacity among local researchers and professionals.

In addition to the APBC, there are several other organizations and institutes in the state that are actively involved in biotechnology research and development. For example, the College of Horticulture and Forestry in Pasighat has a biotechnology department that focuses on the development of plant-based products for commercial use. There are also several private companies that are engaged in the production of biopesticides and other biotechnology-based products.

One major challenge that Arunachal Pradesh faces in the realm of biotechnology is the lack of sufficient infrastructure and resources. Despite this, the state has made impressive progress in recent years, and it is likely that biotechnology will continue to play a significant role in its development in the future.

Overall, initiatives in biotechnology in Arunachal Pradesh demonstrate the state's commitment to using science and technology to address some of its most pressing challenges and opportunities. By leveraging the potential of biotechnology, Arunachal Pradesh can help to drive economic growth, improve the well-being of its citizens, and protect its natural resources.

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