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Hope dawns in the East

Over one billion individuals globally lack access to healthcare services. Bridging this gap through appropriate healthcare services will result in healthier populations and a robust economy. Fulfilling this pressing need requires a multi-dimensional effort encompassing educating various sections of society, continuous advocacy, concerted actions and societal collaboration. An initiative to pursue this multi-dimensional objective, named as Affordable Health Mission, was launched on 17 August at NEDFi auditorium in the city by Assam Governor Banwarilal Purohit. The event was graced by dignitaries from the fields of politics, administration, culture, media and medicines.

Affordable quality healthcare is the pillar of a healthy economy and is central to preventing epidemics, improving women’s and children’s health, and managing the rising burden of non-communicable diseases such as heart and neurological conditions. Lack of affordable quality healthcare causes over 60 million people to slide into poverty every year In India alone, due to catastrophic healthcare expenditure which neutralizes the gains of rising income and various government initiatives aimed to reduce poverty.

Speaking on the occasion, Governor Purohit commented that addressing this multi-dimensional challenge needs a solution comb9ining humane intent, progressive policies and equitable practices. Only when the body is free from diseases an individual can contribute to the socio-economic growth of the nation and thus the nation can prospers. The Governor lauded Dr Nomal Chandra Borah, founder of AHM for emerging as the ray of hope for society in its pursuit of health for all. A biography of Dr Borah, who leads GNRC Hospitals as the CMD, titled ‘Hope Dawns in the East’ was also launched on the occasion by Governor Purohit and Anil Sinha, former regional head of International Finance Corporation.

The biography, co-authored by Mumbai-based communication professionals Arnab Mukherjee and Sushmita Sarkar, captures Dr Borah’s life journey since birth in the family of a marginal farmer in Dubia (Upper Assam) to become a social entrepreneur driven to provide masses access to quality affordable healthcare.

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Eagerly waiting to read this book. Really Dr Borah sir (a medical scientist, a real entrepreneur, a doctor with GOD's hand and a great Teacher) is a new hope for all of us.

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