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Bihar Flood v/s Assam Flood

It is really very unfortunate that Bihar has to face nature's fury in such a devastating manner and we all are sympathize with the victims. Assam has also played the role of a good samaritan by offering all possible help to the flood victims of Bihar. But the BIG question is that Assam has always faced the mighty challenge of flood year after year and hundreds of people lost their live and thousands of people are rendered homeless every year. But still it fails to draw the attention of the nation towards this disaster as if flood in Assam is some common yearly festival. But whereas, this year when nearly 50 people in Bihar lost their lives in the flood, the whole nation seem to be mourning for the tragedy and treating it as a national calamity. Just a few days ago when the Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, toured Assam, he pulled out from visiting Nagaon and Kokrajhar owing to foul weather, but now it seems our honourable PM is so sorry for the flood victims of Bihar, that he rushed to the state irrespective foul weather and announced a relief package of Rs. 1000 crore. For the last 62 years since independence Assam has always bear the brunt of flood but it has never been treated as a National Disaster.

But we the people of Assam should not feel sorry at the biased attitude of our national leaders because we are never considered as one with the rest of the nation, we are far remote from the so called mainstream of India and Bihar is an integral part of so called mainstream India so Bihar must be attended first, Assam can wait.
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Bihar flood has been declared a National Calamity. Agreed, the flood there has been worse than in Assam, but no one is bothered for Assam. Why blame PM and other central ministers when our own MPs/ministers from Assam is not raising their voice? They should demand that the adequate relief be given to the flood affected ppl in Assam too. What is Mr. Gogoi doing?
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This not bihar v/s assam. This is fortunate v/s unfortunate. This is about extending a helping hand towards the devasted one. Please extend your help towards the flood affected people.
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Actually our own elected representatives are corrupt. They think only for their own personal benefit. Because they are not the victims of flood; we common people are suffering. Flood is kind of a political tool, gives all political leaders/parties mileage.
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Its really unfortunate to see the plight of Assamese people under flood year after year, but its not only the central govt who is to be blamed, when Bihar gets flooded, within 2 days we get a forward mail for relief, includes image and details of the bank accounts for donation, but for Assam, none yet, we don't even know whether a bank account is been opened for donation from world community .
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Bihar is older and greater than Assam with great population , people affected in Bihar is nearly 50 lakhs but in Assam only in thousand. This is not to compare figures. One thing is common both are facing flood since 100 years. Both are victim but which is more loss obviously should be taken care first.
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I am from a small village of assam.We don't know who is Manmohan Singh or Tarun Gogoi.We just know that we are suffering from this disease from last 100 years and there is no one to help us.Our so called leaders visit us only during elections for votes.British govt(before independence) helped us more then our current govt.So what should we common people do?? Should we go for our PM?? but we illiterate village people don't know who is our PM..Even we don't know who is our regional leader(or MP or whatever u call them in politics).Is there anyone who can help us??or should we and our next generation join ULFA?? May be they will take our problem seriously because they are our own people..

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