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Aassam girl Kalpana on NDTV Imagine

For the 1st time on a national stage, Assam’s daughter Kalpana Patowary was seen singing an Assamese song wearing a traditional Assamese dress. The name of the programme is “Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhane Ka” which is being aired on a new Hindi entertainment channel called NDTV IMAGINE at 8:30 p.m. from every Friday to Sunday. It was nice to hear songs like “axom dekhor bagisare suali…..champa nohoi mure nam chameli”, “manuhey manuhor babey jadihey..” in Kalpana’s melodious voice. Everyone including the judges, audiences were seems to enjoying Assamese songs sung by Kalpana. “Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhane Ka” is a musical reality show to decide country’s most favourite genre of music. There are three genres of music in the programme which includes Sufi, Folk Songs and Hindi Film Music. Kalpana was invited to represent folk music of Bihar and UP as Kalpan has earned a name for herself in Bhojpuri songs and as such she is quite popular among the peoples of UP and Bihar. Kalpana look upon it as a golden opportunity to bring the Assamese folk songs to the international level. She requested NDTV IMAGINE to allow her to sing Assamese folk songs also. But the producers of the programme were at first not interested to include Assamese folk songs in the programme as the Assamese folk songs were not so popular in national level. Her incessant efforts bore fruits when NDTV IMAGINE agreed to include Assamese folk songs in the programme on one condition that Kalpana should concentrate more on Bhojpuri folks. And this is how Kalpana’s journey in “Junoon Kuch Kar Dikhane Ka” begun. It was very nice to see Kalpana singing “manuhey manuhor babey jadihey..” with Ila Arun, one of the judge of the show.

Assamese people were always very supportive with regard to any Assamese contestant in such reality shows. Recent example of this support is Debojit and Anamika. Now it is Kalpana’s turn to make it to the top and for this she needs the good wishes and blessings of the people of Assam. According to Kalpana, when the other contestants knew that she is from Assam everyone get afraid, at first she don’t knew what was the matter later she came to know that everybody fears Assamese contestant as Assamese people were known for their generous voting in support of their candidate. To vote for Kalpana one has to write “Junoon 21” and send it to 56388. We all wish her success in the show.
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Raj's picture

She is a wonder from Assam. A very versatile singer. She reflects INDIA.
Dipti's picture

Hi Kalpana, aponale bahut bahut subhecha thakil, Asomor maan rakhibo buli aasha karilu. Hara jikatu dangar katha nahay, konoba 1jane khitap joy karibo, kintu, sumadhur sangeetore, darshakar man jinibo paratu bahut dangar katha. Punar subhecha janalu.
krishna nath's picture

was sweetly surprised to see the traditional mekhela sador in an national channel..and the songs she sung absolutely brought the Assam flavor to the show in that episode..really hope she wins and becomes popular like Zubin-da.. best wishes from my side.
Nanda Kirati Dewan's picture

Best of Luck..... Kalpana. give ur BEST back home u r trusted and supported most importantly loved by all. ASSAM TIMES joins hand to highlight your talent and garner support.
YK Shrestha's picture

Let's support her whole-heartedly. You can vote any number of times thru' internet. I request, especially our Assamese Gorkha brothers and sisters to vote aggressively as Rajeev Thapa has been already eliminated and we do not want that Kalpana too is eliminated.
saurav sharma's picture

many many wishes to kalpana baideo. I believe that we assamese should make our presence felt in national as well as international level and kalpana baideo is doing great for us. We all love you baideo aaru akha rakhilu jen tumi asomor naam unnat kora. Tumar asomiya koinar episode tu sai beerat bhal lagise.
a.sajid's picture

Best of Luck ....Kalpana
Correspondent's picture

Thank you all for showing your support towards Kalpana.
Prem Kalicharan (Orlando/USA)'s picture

Kalpana, I can't find the right words to describe "your work of art" except that you brought me tears of joy. To say your performance is wonderful is really an understatement. Spread your wings and reach for the stars. Prem
Prakash Kumar's picture

I was out of touch with Bhojpuri songs. I am not a freak for Reality show too. Surprisingly I heard her first time on Its great talent. Above that its a great boon to the cultures that she is representing. Her singing is amazingly enriched by her gesture which is very graceful and have elements of culture of the song she is singing. Great time for Bhojpuri music. But I must say that I loved her Assamese song equally well. Great combination of singing and acting. I have made CD of her all performance and have that in my car. I listen to it almost daily and it has never been boring. Great going Kalpana!!! wish you all the best.
Y K Shrestha's picture

Voting will open tomorrow, so do not forget to vote. Vote as many times as you can.
Rubul Mout's picture

If anbody knows, how can I vote from United States?
ASHOK KUMAR's picture

Best of luck, Kalpana!
Jim Ankan's picture

Great going Kalpana-ba.... keep up the good work... hope to see more of you in the coming days...

akhilesh rana's picture

Hi Kalpana, Aap Bhojpuri songs bhahut achchha gati hain. Thanks.
jadu sharma's picture

Kalpana, keep it up. All best wishes fromAssam are with u...
alok bharti's picture

You are great & having fantastic sound quality. You are from Assam but a huge grip on Bhojpoori...... I SALUTE YOU...........
john's picture

Though I haven't witnessed the show where you are performing right now, I say kudos to you and do your best in the show and bring fame and glory to yourself and to the state of Assam, we need people like you from Assam to showcase the colourfull culture and goodness of Assam and take pride in it, we love you dear Kalpana and will vote for you. All the best and do well.
Prodip Borkakoty's picture

Hi Kalpana , Good wishes from me even though I never saw your performance.
jagdish khanal's picture

thnaks kalpana, best of luck kathmansu nepal
Jadu Saikia's picture

Nice one, all the best Kalpana. Nice article Ritupallab.
prasanta dutta's picture

congratulations for the best performance. we are proud of you.
Juel Narzari's picture

Its kind of dream comes true i am experiencing right now!I have been in various places during my student life. People always used to say what good things can come from Assam, where bomb blast and violence are the rountine of the day.But i had always challenging attitude that one day Assam will be known for its prosperity and development despite all these problems.So our friend Kalpana has done great job and iam proud of her.Hearty congratualtions and all the best...!!!!
Naveen Kumar Jha's picture

I like her and she is best singer in bhojpuri songs. congratulations for the best performance. we are proud of you
fareeduddin ahmed's picture

its so hard to reflect fleeings in words for you the way you are is matchless i thanks all of those who brings up you at this stage wish you allways we share time to add beauty to our day once again thankssssssssssssssssssssssssss
reaanb's picture

Dear Kalpana hope you see this message,ur voice is truly amazing I discovered you and assamese culture on NDTV i am from south africa and yes people are crazy there about you. Your voice touches one soul and you sing from your heart,never give up please make a cd with all your songs i am your biggest fan,PS i love chathee se laga ke Rgds Reaan-Dubai
pubali's picture

Be the winner! best wishes for you!
amar's picture

i m very pleased that my asaamese lady is a good singer in bolly wood
kalpana patowary's picture

This Assamese girl is the uncrowned BHOJPURI QUEEN.
Raj's picture

what is your contribution towards assam?
md hasnain from bihar's picture

Kalpana jee aap bahut hi achha bhojpuri song gati hain up aur bihar ke sare log aap se bahut khush hai kalpana jee aap isi tarah gati rahiye thankyou kalpana jee

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