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Arnabs’s Nasa Claims and Noble Nomination: Cat is Out of the Bag

Arnab Kakoty, who rose to fame through his alleged claim of being appointed as a Junior Scientist with NASA as well as his name being nominated for the Noble Prize has been revealed as false claims. Arnab’s apparent forgery come to light when Debojit Phukan, a lecturer in a local college of Golaghat, detected certain anomalies in the documents produced by Arnab’s father Mr. Manik Ch. Kakoty, before the Golaghat District Administration when the later commissioned a probe to verify the authenticity of Arnab’s claims. Among the various discrepancy found in the documents, are worth mentioning for instance Arnab given the name of NASA’s director as Charles Dickens whereas there is nobody by that name and also such designation doesn’t exist at NASA. Again Arnab has produced one document bearing the letter head “NASA KENNEDY SPACE CENTRE JET PROPALSION LABORATORY U.S.A” whereas both these organization i.e., Kennedy Space Centre and Jet Propulsion Laboratory are separate and independent entities of NASA and located in Orlando and California respectively. Also the word “Propulsion” is wrongly spelled as “Propalsion” in the letter head. Another document alleged to be sent by ESA i.e., European Space Agency is full of chilly grammatical and spelling mistakes which is unexpected from such a world class organization and also the letter is addressed to Oxene which is Arnab’s pet name. Moreover the most of the letters produced by Arnab were mostly unsigned and without any specific date. Also it is a known fact that in American style the dates are written in mm-dd-yyyy format such as 9/11 but surprisingly enough the date in most of Arnab’s documents were in Indian format i.e., dd-mm-yyyy. There is also one Certificate of Brilliance awarded by Royal Society of London to Arnab for his achievements in NASA and it is signed by both director of Royal Society as well as Director of NASA and the date in the letter head is June, 2007 whereas its issuing date is 24/08/2007.

Arnab handled his so called achievement so tactfully that even the Governor of Assam, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Ajay Singh and Chief Minister of Assam, Sri Tarun Gogoi were bound to believe his claims and applauded him for his unparalleled achievement at such a tender age. The Chief Minister of Assam, Sri Tarun Gogoi even handed him a cheque of Rs.50,000/- in recognition of his achievements. At a time when all the people of Assam are swelling with pride at Arnab’s appointment at NASA as a Junior Scientist and also being nominated for the Noble Prize, his very betrayal of the trust and good wishes of the people cam as a great shock for all of us and such an act is condemned by every sections of the society. People of Assam demanded that the probe initiated by Golaghat District Administration should come to a conclusion at the earliest and Arnab must be punished for playing with the sentiments and good wishes of the people of Assam.
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A nice treat by a cheat to befool greater Assamese Society... History should never repeat this feat. any such claims should be thoroughly examined before emotionally considering it..... Emotionally attached people learnt a Good lesson from this shocking revelation. Mr. Saikia ethical journalism.... Keep this Spirit
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Blowing things out of proportion seems to have become the habit of the Media in Assam. The pervertedly ambitious father did play a nice game, but why didn't the media check the authenticity of the claim? This is seen in other spheres too. A girl from some town in Assam lands up to do be a part of an item song or one of the dancer in the background group of dancers in a song, and the journos in Assam will write her to be a top-notch actress of Bollywood. Their taglines go this way---'Asomor jiyoriye Bollywood kopaisae', etc. etc.
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This fraudster’s clandestine activity had disturbed domestic peace in many of the Assamese middle class families which is primarily driven by comparison based attitude. I am saying this from my personal mental distress I had to go through since the media started trumpeting the fake claims of this intellectual fraud. I am attached to a scientific and technical profession and an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore. As the spasm of Arnab’s so called scholastic achievement rippled through the Assamese society at various levels; I was subjected to mindless spoofing at my home. The favorite topic of discussion was to make a comparative sketch between me and the “prodigy” Arnab. As I am a non residential Assamese; I was not aware of the level of bloating and exaggeration this story had attained. I was even told that this young “scientist” had been given a residential accommodation in Delhi by the US government for his further studies and was being escorted by the US federal officials. Readers may not be willing to believe, but yes that was story telling I was entertained with. Similar in lines with my experience I am quite sure many others especially students who hail from the middle class might have been subjected to reckless comparison driven affliction at their homes. Dear bloggers, I would request to disseminate this story far and wide so that people learn to be pragmatic and judge intellectual matters before taking into confidence.
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I really agreed with Pranjan. Good work done by Ritupallab to expose Arnab's fraudulent claims.Can anybody tell me what is the present status of the probe ordered against Arnab by Golaghat Dist. Administration??
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The Great Scam Artist.I am Impressed.Good Job Nasa.

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