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Kampur ready to host Dimasa conference

Preparations are in full swing to hold the two day Dimasa conference under the auspices of Kampur Kacharipar Dimasa Sangathanik Samiti starting from January 17 with a number of programmes.

The conference will be attended by Dimasa Kacharis living in the hills and plains of Assam, including the Dimasas of North Cachar Hills,supposed to be the hub of Dimasa Kacharis.

It is worth mentioning that the conference bears special significance in the wake of the Koch Rajbongshis demanding for schedule tribe status in as much as the Koch Rajbongshis living in the plains of Assam claim themselves to be the direct descendants of the Dimasas living in the North Cachar Hills of Assam. The venue of the conference is named after Tula Ram Senapati , supposed to be the last of the Kachari rulers.

It is learned that a number of prominent personalities and political stalwarts are going to attend the conference.
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Roha, Nagaon


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1. The dimasa peoples living in the region near Kampur is known as Hojai kachari not diamas. There should be a single/name for a particular type to reduce confusion for differentiation in selection process for higher studies, jobs etc. 2. Such kind of conferrence should always be encourage as unites the community bonding to a higher level. Moreover, on today's environment where life has become so fast, that we who have achieved certain level of status in society by virtue of our educational qualification/jobs get the change to refresh our sentiments to our tribe , and also our children get to know our root of origin. 3. This types of conferrence should be encourged in district, national and international level so that our long lost Dimasa people any where in the world come for unification and share there experience.


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