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Re-discover Zubeen in ‘Rishang’

If we are to go forward, we must go back and revisit our 'selves' and our past works. I exactly do not recall where and whom I heard this from but I realize this more than often. The idea of re-discovering someone came across recently at Kadambari - an audio-visual recording studio based in Guwahati. It was an evening of fun amidst a discussion on film making in the Assamese film industry vis-à-vis the evolving breed of filmmakers.

Addas thrive long when people carry new challenging ideas and concepts with them. At Kadambari I priviledged the company of the likes of Zubeen Garg, upcoming filmmaker Manas Barua, film editor Samujjal Kashyap and few others. We were talking about different dimensions of film making when Samujjal's new track drew my attention. I instantly got hooked up for a few minutes. Eventually we ended with the re-discovery of a musical craze. It was none other than the all popular Zubeen Garg.

The re-discovery of Zubeen was a nice welcome for an Assamese music buff like me. One may think it premature to ‘re-discover' this heart-throb but there are aspects about him unknown. His journey from being a musician to a singer and then to an actor has offered him opportunities of discovering his 'self' layered in years. But despite his capacity of portraying different characters, an appreciable number of people prefer to acknowledge him as a musical icon that he is.

When it comes to song sung by Zubeen, one recalls his heydays and the tracks which shot him to fame. If one is a regional music regular, he or she cannot simply do without Anamika, Mayabini Ratir Bukut, Nohole Porichoy Hiyaare, Pakhi Pakhi Ei Mon, Kar Parash, and Dure Dure. These melodies have appeal, are soulful and have become evergreen. Zubeen no doubt have grown out of them and has been experimenting with his music since but his early songs are more magnetic than the recent numbers. He is scaling new heights and bringing newer styles to his work apart from changing the genres frequently. However we talk about it its evident that Zubeen has been Zubeen specially because of his past works and its his past renderings that find mentions for pushing the Assamese popular music trend to a progressive stage.

'Joor Ejaak' a track from the new Assamese film Rishang directed by Manas Barua brings back Zubeen's old flavor. The lyrics by Diganta Bharati has been composed by Jatin Sarma. According to big-screen débutante director Manas Barua, 'Joor Ejaak' plays a pivotal role in Rishang. According to him he wanted a song that seemed like Zubeen's prime songs.

“I along with Music Director Jatin Sarma discussed the different possibilities and finally Mainada (Jatin Sarma) came up with 'Joor Ejaak'. We are really very excited about this track and look forward to public responses.”

Music Director Jatin Sarma is of the opinion that it was very challenging a task to experiment with the preferential style because the nature of Zubeen songs has changed lately. When people become accustomed with this new style is a time bound risk we have decided to take. One thing which has been working so far is that, be it old or new, good music find places strives. It really feels good that people are talking about Joor Ejaak' and mouthing their appreciation.

'Joor Ejaak' apart Rishang has some fabulous tracks like 'Warrior of Love', 'Xukula Xukula', and 'Rini Rini'. Directed by Jatin Sarma and Aniruddha Barua, Raaj Jyoti Konwar, Dikshu and Zublee have lent their voices in these tracks. Bollywood based Kenyan singer Bob Omulo also appears in some parts the title track. The music album of Rishang was released on 13th April at Royal Regency, Guwahati.

The name Rishang is quite unusual but with director Manas Barua everyone boot strapped to cash into the uncommon name for his first big screen release. Before Rishang, Manas had directed few video films which brought him applauses and indicated the changes he will bring to the traditional attitude of regional filmmakers. The film centers around the unusual lifestyle of an orphan and the love of his life. The film's story was written by Manas himself while the script and dialogues by eminent filmmaker Munin Barua. The casts of artistes comprise Diganta Hazarika, Nishita Goswami, Ranjeev lal Barua, Pakija Begum, Malay Pawan, Bidyut Chakravorty, Padmarag Goswami, Heera Neog, Rajesh Bhuyan and others. The film has been produced by Pallabi Barua under the banner of 'Ruby Vision'. Stills photographed by Pradeep Daimary were edited by Samujjal Kashyap.

Rishang will be released in about 35 cinema halls from 11th May. Hope it shakes up traditional film making and draw throngs. After all we need an audience first followed by awards.

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