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Barpeta district administration is ready for poll

Barpeta district administration is ready for the 2nd phase of Assam assembly Election 2011. All the arrangements are ready for the poll. The vote cast will be held in 1132 polling centres in the 6 LACs of the Barpeta sub-division. In this regard some of the presiding officers and polling officers of Chenga and Baghbar LACs has already despacted to their respective centres with the EVM voting machines and other materials for the poll as the place is far from the town and remotest place. Mentionable that there are 150 and 153 polling stations in Chenga and Baghbar LAC respectively under Barpeta sub-division. On the other hand for Sarbhog, Barpeta, Jania and Sarukshetry LACs the polling and presiding officers will be started on April 10 along with the security guards.

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Journalist from Barpeta.

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