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Assamese women’s Taliban Act

Talibans and their Law have earned a bad name through out the world of the civil society, and there is no denying their brutal attitude is as horrible as anyone can imagine. Today the synonym of Taliban is something that is extreme and inhumane and unexpectable to the civil society. So what about a section of Assamese women that is acting TALIBANS in the civilized street and bringing shame to the Assamese community as a whole.

Here the reference is being made to the recent incidents of women beating up girls and women in public place and in front of camera without even paying the least respect for the women community. The incidents are of Golaghat and Tezpur some time back. All actions self proclaiming being sentinels of the civil society and doing the duty of a moral army. Sorry to use the word Taliban, I wish some more harsh word could have been found in the dictionary to depict a section of Assamese women trying to project their holiness in the society by taking brutal actions against alleged women sex workers.

The latest incident of a section of so called educated Assamese women is assaulting a helpless Mizo Girl on the streets of Guwahati, in broad daylight. The girl from our neighboring state was kicked, punched and canned in presence of a good crowd that remained silent spectators. The fault of the girl was that she was under the influence of Alcohol and had knocked the doors of a wrong house in the early morning hours.With these actions we have lost the right to complain against any racial abuses in the Capital city of India or in any part of the world done to the students of the North East. I wonder if people should get angry if someone from mainland India calls us “Junglee” after seeing the visuals of public assault of the helpless Mizo Girl on the streets of the gate way of the North East. We have to accept the tag of “JUNGLEE” or change the society’s outlook forever.

One could not have imagine in their wildest dreams that a section of Assamese women can behave like vampires, their actions against the Mizo girl was no less than sucking blood that also someone from their own women community. Today it seems women have become the biggest enemy of women and their actions of jealousy and hypocrisy can cause extreme damage at any point of time. Some short of psychotherapy awareness program is needed for these literate people to change their actions. The sad part is that the general Assamese women have a bad impression about girls coming from hill states and have always complained against their dress code. However it is not to advocate any short of indecency in dressing sense or social behaviour, but there should be some flexibility in our thoughts to understand their way of life.

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Journalist, musician.


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Lets challenge this group of barbaric female basher to crack down in the same way on Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, the man who made wine shops mushroom in each and every lane of Assam, be it villages or towns. Can these women bash up former CM of Assam Prafulla Kumar Mahanta for destroying an entire generation of youth in Assam? These same women will garland the traitor once he turns up at their doorstep.
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Teenagers and young people are always at the receivers end for every little thing, it is the new generation and the 'other' who is blamed in the society. After the Beltola incident where a girl from the tea-tribes was attacked, this is another act of sheer shamelessness by a section of Guwahatians. This time, the perpetrators of violence are women. Cowards like these women always lay their hands on soft targets. Do you think these women will dare to bash up former CM of Assam Prafulla Kumar Mahanta? This man who is responsible for granting licence to wine shops in every lane and street of Assam, be it in villages or in towns. Infact, this same set of women will garland him and give him a warm welcome if the traitor turns up at their doorsteps.
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I've seen the video of the incident and it was so painful to watch....she(the victim) was helplessly beaten up by those women and none of the on-lookers even tried to intervene or do anything about it...i also saw a guy kick her from behind!!!! it was horrifying!!!!! I don't know how long she must have suffered the abuse on her and I truly feel for can they do this to fellow NORTH-EASTERN?
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Human beings sometimes truly act barbaric at the fit of anger be it men or women, but any form of anger once expressed in action is simply a reflection that those women must have been raised from a degraded society.
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I want to see this image and how to contact their. Pls mention about this matter.
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to, DIGANTA, this image was shown in DY365 news channel.
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deprived can do one can not understand this..

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