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Gogoi visits NC hills

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi says the government would strictly deal with the law and order situation in the North Cachar even by deploying more security forces in the hills district. During his visit to the trouble torn district on Friday, the Chief Minister has reviewed law and order situation with top ranked civil and police officials in the hills district and announced that the trains would resume its services soon. He also visited Maibong and talked to the affected people and announced a Rs 3 lakh ex-gratia each to the family members of those left dead in the incidents.

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Respected people of Assam, I don't know why we are neglected by government. Tarun gogoi has announce 3 lakhs for those victims who where killed in the recent violence in N C HIlls.. but we don't want money sir, but peace and political solution..the government neither is negotiating or taking stern action against the the culprits..WHY? Are u we not the citizens of ASSAM? ARE we not Citizen of India.? I really wonder why the government has no interest in cleaning the mess.. the culprits r getting stronger and stronger as each day pass..the militants of both tribes are unwanted..government should take action against them. or should we understand that you dont care..if it is then it will be problem for both of us we general citizen will wipe out all the enemies may be militants or the government..till we live..thank u rohit
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The first serious step is to talk with DHD, the cease fire group. This group is in ceasefire for more than 9 years without any talk . The leaders of DHD cease fire are to be blame more than the other fraction as the other fraction came out as the Nunisa group has not talk with any government. The people who are in the ceasefire designated camp they are having a good time with collecting tax apart from some package from the government.The congress government would never want to talk as they will need the support from the situation to come to power again as the condition of the congress is not good now in N C Hills.

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HC notice to Mridul, govt, CBI on Parag case

3 Nov 2009 - 5:22am | editor

In a fresh development in the sensational Parag Das assassination case, the Gauhati High Court has served notices to the accused Mridul Phukan, CBI and the Assam government. The development came up as a division bench of the high court comprising Chief Justice Justi Chalameswar and Justice A N Ansari was taking up a petition moved by Pallav Das challenging the lower court order a few months back where the main accused Mridul Phukan was freed citing lack of sufficient evidence.

Dr. Arati Barua invited to the International Congress on Schopenhauer, Germany

21 Oct 2010 - 1:12pm | editor

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the great Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer's death the international Schopenhauer Gesellschaft and the Schopenhauer Research Center at the University of Mainz in co-operation with the University Library of the University of Frankfurt organized an international congress “Schopenhauer - What is Moving the World” on September 22-24. The event took place in Frankfurt, Germany, at the prestigious Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University. Dr Barua was invited as Indian expertise in this field to deliver a talk on “Schopenhauer in the light of Indian Philosophy” under the Asiatic section / Indian division of the congress.

It is a matter of great pride that Dr Barua founded the Indian division with her efforts in 2002 at Gauhati University which later got recognition from the main International Schopenhauer society of Germany. Since then she has been working for the development of Schopenhauer studies in India. He was the first Western philosopher who paid great homage to Upanishads and introduced it to the Western world. Now the research scientists on Schopenhauer all over the world are working to find out the extent to which he was influenced by the Indian Philosophy and culture.

Recently Dr Barua organized a two day International conference at Delhi as the beginning of the 150th years of the death anniversary celebration of Schopenhauer where many German scholars came to take part in it, apart from other scholars from other countries. Dr. Barua brought out a book - the first of its kind (Edited by her) “Schopenhauer and Indian Philosophy: A Dialogue between India and Germany” which strengthens the link of Indo-German scholars connection in this regard.

JBF India's global rabies prevention program

29 Sep 2008 - 5:40am | Nanda Kirati Dewan
Mythologically and historically dogs are known to be the most faithful servant of mankind what if our dog is infected with rabies. Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals most often transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. The vast majority of rabies cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year occur in wild animals like raccoons, skunks, bats, and foxes. Domestic animals account for less than 10% of the reported rabies cases, with cats, cattle, and dogs most often reported rabid.

Rabies virus infects the central nervous system, causing encephalopathy and ultimately death. Early symptoms of rabies in humans are nonspecific, consisting of fever, headache, and general malaise. As the disease progresses, neurological symptoms appear and may include insomnia, anxiety, confusion, slight or partial paralysis, excitation, hallucinations, agitation, hypersalivation, difficulty swallowing, and hydrophobia (fear of water). Death usually occurs within days of the onset of symptoms.

JBF(India) to overcome rabies have started locally a antirabies program befitting the faithful servant as well as its owners. Today being "World Rabies Day" JBF(India) organised a free health check up and anti rabies vaccination camp for street dogs and domesiticated dogs at its relief centre at survey Beltola in Guwahati. Native people gathered with their dogs to vaccinate Information brochure "Rabies- What you need to know" were also distributed.The theme for World Rabies Day this year is "Together we can get rid of Rabies.