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Rongali bihu celebration in Pune

With the advent of spring, sweet voice of cuckoo, fragrance of newly born “kopooh flowers” all around, the most imperative and beautiful festival of Assam Rongali or Bohag Bihu comes.

It derives its name from Sanskrit Vishuvam when day and night are rendered equal through the vernal equinox. It concurs with the Assamesse New Year in April and corresponds to the month of Chaitra in the lunar calendar. People welcome the spring season and pray for a bountiful and rich harvest.

Rongali bihu, the festival of joy and merriment, beautiful maidens dancing on the tune of “Dhol, Pepa, Gagana”, and sweet love songs sung by young boys, with all dressed in beautiful, eye-catching traditional attire.

Like every Assamese people around the world, people residing in Pune celebrated Rongali bihu on May 2, 2009 at Sylet Mess Ground, Bombay Sapers under the banner of ASSAM CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF PUNE, ACAP. The beautiful function was started traditionally with beautiful Husori followed by Diha Naam, performed by invited Bihu artists Someshwar Koch, Jayanta Bhuyan, Nipul Bora, Ridip Das Pabita Bora, Anup Boruah And Ritu Bora from Jamugurihaat, Tezpur, Assam, later on “Samuhik Aasirwaad “ given to all the people. Bonti Prajwalan was done by Honourable guests, Advocate Nilesh Nikam, Councillor, Pune Municipal Corporation and Bhanupratap Barge, Sr. Inspector of Police. An welcome speech was given by Advocate A.K Borthakur, President ACAP, later on Honourable guests espressed their views and gratitude towards the people of Assam gathered for the programme, they spoke about the rich culture of Assam and friendship between people of Assam and Maharashtra. Guests were felicitated by traditionally rich Assamese Gamosha.

Beautiful celebration was garlanded by Goalporiya lokageet by Pranab Saikia, Adhunik Geet by Rohan Gogoi and Utpal Burman, a striking Fusion Dance named “Pohar” performed by Devika Borthakur and troupe was one of the main attraction. “Sangeetalokhya” (a mixing of JIkir, Bagorumba, Zumur, Missing Bihu, Borgeet, Biyanaam, Bihu) sung by the troupe from Tezpur, Assam. Beautiful Maidens performed bihu dance, on the taals and love songs of young boys, with the electrifying performance crowd could not stop their feet and came to the field and danced on the tunes and music of “Dhol”.

At the end, there was a cultural component to help people unwind followed by a lavish “BHOJ” dinner with Fish and special “Aam Tok” made up of mango with various other delicacies.

By Pranjal Saikia, Pune

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Pranjal Saikia's picture


kapil das's picture

Its really very nice to pune.....we feel so see.all.these. our.assamese..cultural program.perfomed INDIA...
Mala baa's picture

Bhal lagil dei pohi Pranab...iman bur ayujon asil...aajikaali oxomot pata xanskritik onusthanote imanbur ayujon nokore...khub bhal commette manage korise...likhoni khiniu khub xundor hoise dei.... Moromere...Mala baa
Pranjal Saikia's picture

Thanks a lot MALA.
girin das's picture

ata jatir..bikhoye.valdore janiboloi.hole..tar.kola.kristi..sangskritir bikhoye.jonatu.nityantoi.proyujon..ami..jodi..iyak.jiyai.narakhu.rakhibo.kune.nohole.sun.jatitur.ostitbayei.herai.jabo.nijr aku porichoy.nathakibo..lahe lahe e..khekh..hoi..jabo..prithibir bukur.pora..akhomor bahirot.jodi.iyak.aru.valdore sinaki korai dibo..pari.tenehole.e.amaar.gourobore..kotha.pise.atiao.amaak.bohute.jongoli.buliye.vabe.kheituhe.dukhor.bikhoy.aami.pis.pora.niki.baru?.ne ami.khobhyatar.logot.khuj.dibo..pora nai.....amaak.kio.najane.prithibiye,.amar sinaki diboloi.ammi.nijei.agbarhi,,jabo..lagibo.ami.amaar rup.bahirot, mur kua ba likhar jugyata nai.jodio..nijor.....jatir.hoke.val beyar.proti.lokhya.rokhatu.amaar.kortobya.buli.vabu."JOI AAI.AKHOM.DHONIRE" MOI BIDAI.MAGISU.. MOROMERE GIRIN..
audi's picture

Masti lagil dei pranab
pranab saikia's picture

Pranjal dadak akhekh dhonyabaad gyapon korilu.
ikram's picture

Sorry Pranjal... I missed the event..and thanks to people like you who tries to make us feel that we are not away from home.. keep it up...
Amey Lagwankar's picture

Nice one Pranjal!!
pranjal saikia's picture

Thanks a lot Ikram
Gunamoni's picture

I was the part of this celebration & it was amazing... I like the spirit of Assamese residing in Pune. Let's cheers for it and give your double support for the next event and forever... Great.
Pranjal Saikia's picture

Thanks a lot dada, we need support from u always
rajib's picture

I was part of the Bihu celebrations at Pune. It was indeed heartening to see our people coming out in large numbers to enjoy the festival.But i would like to appeal to ACAP that we must build up on the momentum of these celebrations and strengthen the organisation so that the Assamese community has a say,a voice, in the affairs of Pune.
Kavita borde's picture

Thanks Pranjal.....for giving such type of knowledge of different festivals....
pritam's picture

Nice one
Nerina's picture

It is great to see that Bihu was celebrated so nicely in Pune.. A big congratulation to all Assamese people in pune


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