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Child labour at coke factories

When the Government is strict against child labour, it unfortunately happens at  Margherita, where at Coke Factories, Coal Thieves hire Child Labour to work with low wages.

There are more than 50 coke factories at Ledo, Itakhola, Baragolai and Telkhaad Basti which pay a huge amount of royalty to the Assam Government. However the Tinsukia District Administration, Tinsukia District Superintendent of Police, District Labour Commissioner and Margherita Administration doesn't take any proper initiative to check and control child labour working at coke factories due to corruption.

This is alleged by Ramanus Lakra, General Secretary of the All Adivasi Students Association of Assam (AASAA) Tinsukia district committee.

From tea gardens and other places of Margherita children are taken to illegal coke factories to work. Many times this issue has been reported to the Margherita Administration, but it's all in vain, said Ramanus Lakra.

"We demand that the concerned department take stringent action against coal thieves who hire small children to work at illegal Coke factories. Otherwise, we shall take out a strong agitational movement which will awaken the concerned department of Tinsukia district," says Lakra.

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