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District level Art Exhibition and 3D Art at Dudhnoi

A district-level Art Exhibition in Jana Mandir, Dudhnoi is being held from October 8-11. Organsied by RTL Events, this is the first of its kind in the Goalpara distric, where fifteen artists from various parts of the district and over three hundred students of various schools have participated. A 3 Dimensional art of Goddess Durga was specially painted for the occasion.

The event brought together fifteen artists to a common platform including Ghanakanta Rabha, Himdpita Kakati, Bandana Borthakur, Dhiraj Rabha, Ashim Roy, Debajit Guha, Kulen Khaklari, Gaurav Kumar Nath, Nitish Bhakat Brahma, Priyanka Tara Rabha, Hitesh Rajbongshi, Karan Khaklari, Disa Roy, Kangkana Das, and Chinmoy Das. The huge volume of the artworks being done in various media has created a very colourful display on the walls of the Jana Mandir, a public auditorium here in Dudhnoi. Artists Himdipta Kakati and Dhiraj Rabha have painted a 3D (three dimensional) art of Goddess Durga for the occasion. Artist Nitish has presented a joyous moment of feast of the following day of a marriage ceremony of Rabha community, where the kins sit together near fire and have Jonga (Rice Beer) with fish and meat delicacies in the courtyard surrounded by greeneries. Kulen Khaklari has depicted Bagurumba Dance of the Boro community in acrylic medium. The Arnai (traditional Boro Towel) placed at one side of the painting has given an affect nearly resembling 3D art.

Another artist Hitesh Rajbonghi has painted Bihu, the folk dance of Assam in acrylic medium. The pastel work of sunset by Chinmoy Das created view of a simmering Sun with its last radiance. The paintings of Karen Khaklari are on love and tolerance of Jesus expressed in acrylic medium. Looking at life through water colour, Dhiraj Rabha has presented his works on portrait, mother’s love, rural lifestyle and nature. His portraits depict expressions and age very nicely. An another art portrays a traditional Rabha Chang Ghar with various elements amid greeneries on a sunny afternoon. Himdipta Kakati has depicted portrait, rural lifestyle and landscape through water colour, acrylic, oil pastel and mixed media. In one of his works, a poor rural woman wants to search meaning of life in a dark kitchen lighted by a tiny lamp. Portarit is the subject of artist Gaurav kumar Nath and expressions have taken a perfect form in his meticulous hands. In the festive time of Durga Puja, artist Ashim Roy has expressed a moment of Puja festivities. In another art he has depicted nature with minute details. Debajit Guha has portrayed few trees standing amid foggy floodwaters and their reflections are creating a dreamy scene. Three young artists have also contributed to this gathering through their creative works. Disa Roy has depicted nature while Priyanka Tara Rabha has painted daily life in acrylic medium. Another young artist Kangkana Das has painted a house amid trees. Apart from art works of these artists, more than three hundred paintings are displayed which are in various mediums by schoolchildren of Dudhnoi area.

Sculptors Ghanakanta Rabha and Bandana Borthakur have displayed their creative works in the exhibition. Ghanakanta Rabha’s sculpture depicting lost childhood was awarded at 9th North East States Exhibition of Art 2016 at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashetra under mixed media category. The art work conveys the transformation of life of the children from freestyle to mechanical one, that children are barred from free style games since he has to carry heavy load of books all the time. The untold pain is reflected in the face of the child in an excellent way. In an another work the sculptor has shown a man trying to pull out his head from inside of a pitcher, thereby conveying his desire to come out from darkness to the world of knowledge and freedom. Sculptor Bandana Borthakur has carved human life and rural life style. In the work on rural life, the sculptor shows elements of rural life very nicely.

RTL Events, Dudhnoi has done a herculean task of hosting this giant exhibition under the leadership of Dhruba Basumatary as Director, Rupam Ghosh Secretary, Acru Roy as Manager and members being Ranendra Basuatary, Manab Roy, Dipak Basumatary, Biki Rabha, Paresan Roy and Chumbini Rabha. Publics visiting the exhibition have appreciated the good initiative of the RTL Events. 

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