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Washington DC celebrates Modi's victory

Overseas Friend of BJP is celebrating the Narendra Modi's victory in various places of America, as part of this Overseas Friend of BJP celebrated the Narendra Modi's in the Hindu Temple, Washington D.C area on May 31st 2014, Saturday.The program started with recorded victory speech of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the crowd cheered him with chants of Vande Mataram and "Bar Bar Modi Sarkar". The Convener, BJP Cultural Cell, Gajendra Solanki, OFBJP President, Dr. Chandrakant Patel, OFBJP Sr. Leader, Adapa Prasad and many more BJP's representatives and NRI supporters were present in the celebration. The NRI BJP supporters are positive about solving various problems by the new Cabinet under Modi’s leadership. On behalf of Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP)–USA, President, Mr. Chandrakant Patel thanked all the members and volunteers who worked very hard to support and achieve the 272+ of Mission-2014 LS elections.  He also emphasized calling the victory a “Diwali moment for us” has urged all the non-resident Indians to light “diyas at their community centers, homes and temples for this “historic moment for India”.

Anju Preet Singh, active worker of OFBJP, who is a scientist by profession, said “NRIs are coming up with innovative strategies, such as sharing tea with strangers at Malls and metro stations to spread awareness and garner support for Mr. Modi, PM candidate of BJP”. She uttered these words just before the election took place.  Mrs. Anju Preet and team also used technologies to reach people in India and spread the word to support Modi during the election campaign. In an interview - Mrs. Anju Preet has emphatically stated  her concerns and expressed that  the  Assamese NRI  have to take the initiative  and encourage the people of Assam for a change in coming assembly election 2016. Many of Assamese volunteers were engaged in the recent LS election campaign under her leadership. This is the first time where in an overseas political organization; the Assamese NRIs are also involved. The Assamese representatives are hopeful that Modi’s magical wave will flow through the entire Assam and there will be a subsequent growth. 

On Saturday may 31st 2014, hundreds of people cheered in the Hindu Temple, Washington D.C area and most of the American Indian kids performed Indian Dances in the celebration event. Most of the Indians settled in America believe that Modi’s win will lead to the emergence of a new developed India. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the Indian Diaspora at the OFBJP convention and people across Europe, India, USA and Canada can view the live telecast from TV Asia. To garner support ahead of 2014 general elections, later this month, Narendra Modi will address party supporters and members of the Overseas Friends of BJP during its annual convention in Tampa. OFBJB President Dr. Chandrakant Patel said “The convention to be attended by Indian-Americans and OFBJP from across the country will deliberate on harnessing the latest technology and social media tools in support of the BJP”.

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Hitesh Kalita, General Secretary, FASS (Friends of Assam Seven Sisters) International, Washington D.C.

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