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FASS distributes solar lamps in Arunachal Pradesh

FASS distributes solar lamps in Changlang

Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters (FASS International) distributed 22 Solar Reading Lamps free to poor and deserving students in Miao, Arunachal Pradesh. For the people of Arunachal Pradesh, this is first time that FASS has donated free solar reading lamps to poor students. A distribution event was organized in MIAO on March 15 by FASS International in collaboration with the Community Church of Christ, Miao.

Some of the students are orphans, lost both parents and are having hard time in their studies. The parents were all the more excited when they come to know about FASS who gave sacrificially towards the cause of less fortunate children. Mother of Dwena says, “I never dream that my daughter will get this lamp”, Thank you FASS. Each of the twenty two selected students was given a free Solar Reading Lamp along with a certificate from FASS International. The event was organized by Nathaney Ngwazah, a senior social worker from Miao.  Phusa Yobin, President of Lisu Society and Liakhu Yobin, General Secretary attended the meeting as Chief guest. The meeting was well attended by the general public that included many parents and teachers. In the meeting Phusa Yobin thanked FASS for giving free solar reading lamps to deserving students. He quoted “These reading lamps are very useful to the students, especially during rainy seasons when electric city goes off every now and then in Miao and surrounding areas.” FASS has given us light for some of the people living in darkness. Take care of your lamps, they are precious. It may be mentioned that FASS launched this project of free distribution of Solar Reading Lamps in January 2013.

The program is made possible through sponsorship of willing NRIs living across the globe. The 22 lamps in MIAO were sponsored by Sultana Parveen of Washington D.C, USA.  FASS has plans for distributing such Solar Reading Lamps in more areas in entire North East region. Interested NGOs are requested to contact FASS through email at in order to promote such projects. At present, FASS is also looking for sponsorship of the project through Govt or Non Govt organizations.

Lists of the students who received solar lamps:

1. Miss. Yodisay Yobin, class vi, daughter of Phuyeja, Gandhigram, Changlang
2. Miss. Miyona, class-viii. Daughter of Late. Ngwalachut, Gandhigram, Changlang
3. Sri. Tsesa Yobin, class ix. Son of Ati Siliya, Village- Gandhigram; Changlang
4. Sri. Tseyohey Yobin, class vii. Son of Gwadatse. Village- Gandhigram; Vijaynagar, Changlang
5. Sri. Waris Yobin, class xi. Son of Ngwatse Yobin. Gandhigram, Vijaynagar, Changlang
6. Miss. Angi Jenisa, class vii. Daughter of Yositi. Add: Village- Gandhigram; Vijaynagar, Changlang
7. Sri. Aphi Yobin, class vii. Son of Late. Khiphayeh. Address: Village- Nibodi (52 Miles) Changlang
8. Sri. Ngwasibo, class xi. Son of Aggey Yoaha. Add: Village- Gandhigram; Vijaynagar, Changlang
9. Miss. Chasolo Yobin, class v. Daughter of Phuadi Yobin. Gandhigram, Vijaynagar, Changlang
10. Miss. Misiya Yobin, Daughter of Ngwayeti. Gandhigram; Vijaynagar, Changlang
11. Miss. Sojana Chakma, class v. Daughter of Akhonta Chakma, Miao, Changlang
12. Sri. Atse Peter, class-ix, Son of Phusa Yobin, Miao, Changlang
13. Miss. Lemehna, class v, Daughter of Simo Lemey. Miao , Changlang
14. Miss. Somika Chakma, class iv, Daughter of Pranjit Chakma. M’Pen 4 Miles. Miao, Changlang
15. Miss. Kalendi Chakma, class vi, Daughter of Simanta Chakma, 3 Miles, Miao, Changlang
16. Sri. Towang Chakma, class v. Daughter of Usha Rani. M’Pen 4 Miles. Miao, Changlang
17. Miss. Jaingi Yobin, class vi. Daughter of Yotusi Yobin. Village- Nibodi (52 Miles),Changlang
18. Miss. Bingi Yobin, class v. Daughter of Phuyedue Yobin. Miao TVS. Changlang
19. Miss. Nonongko Sangkey, class- viii. Daughter of Tanya Sangkey. Miao TVS. Changlang
20. Miss. Tenyam Kimsing class- viii. Daughter of Lompok Kimsing. Miao TVS. Changlang
21. Miss. Dwena Yobin, class-xi, Daughter of Leymayste . Village- Gandhigram; Vijaynagar, Changlang
22. Master . Akhi Yuthihey class v, Son of Lt. Yosiha. Aguchue Village

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Hitesh Kalita, General Secretary, FASS (Friends of Assam Seven Sisters) International, Washington D.C.

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