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Medium called ‘CELL’

At epoch, there used to be like……………….. people going long- long way on hunt for a telephone to make a call to their near and dear ones. Man used to have long waiting’s to receive a call, in front of the house or haveli of some sarpanch or mukhia.

But time- “never stops” always on its way to reach its never reaching destination. Now everything have been changed, one has to say “just a second”, and he is on his way talking to someone, But how!!!

Its all possible, because of a “miracle”, a “occurrence”, a miracle called “mobile phone” better known as “Cell”. You can witness it in each and every hand, be it a kid or, a big fat old man, mobile phone is there in his hand, always busy with the instrument, be it a call, be it a message or anything you can imagine, with an instrument for entertainment you will find out or better to say experience the same in this small piece of electronic instrument.

Really, it’s a generation of mobile; a “generation mobile” market is in its zenith to trade heaps and heaps of varieties of mobile phones ranging from a variety of prices. One can use it as a camera, be it still or moving, you can listen to your favourite songs, watch and see news. Be it any thing just name and get it.

But, have you ever given a thought to the matter, that is it good for you?

For your children?

No doubt, it is one of the finest and most sophisticated instrument for communication of the ‘modern world’ ever happened or invented with its most supportive features.

Well, in addition, it will be considered as one of the most dangerous and sophisticated instrument for the entire world, obviously with its features “whole lots of”. One can never be able to imagine if a brain of most destructive nature use it against the laws, how can it will be disparaging and caustic for human kind, its security, and its life and entire lot our universe.

A simple incident:

I was on my way to the hostel, two college going girls, both of them on a bike at a speed of 40kmph, chatting on the cell phone, they don’t ever thought to stop and chat, there was a crossing, suddenly a car jammed with a zoom…. Girls were on the road, it was Gods grace that nothing severe happened to them but their bike was almost finished, and they got injured with fracture and pain. Their life being saved, but they could have saved the whole incident, ‘just a stop’.

I don’t know why these people are so careless, they overlook everything when that instrument stick to their hand. It’s really filthy. It became one of the easiest and safest mediums for practicing pornography. Lots of porno sms’s, pictures, images and videos are shared around the world with this medium. Recently there was a chaos at one of our famous city; about a video clip being taken by a schoolboy through his cell with camera, life of that girl and boy was almost spoilt. Even some big Man was later found involved in the incident. Other than ‘shame’, social boycott, life was hell for that girl.

Even in exams this medium is fetching a helpful medium for the cheaters.
We all know about the disadvantages of this instrument but still follow and practice it. There must be some strict law for this. Moreover, it is our own duty to avoid this, and tell others also not to. It can be used as a superior and safest medium for the good and better life.

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Indeed good information! Even when driving is made 'banned' while talking on "CELL" little progress seems to be taken place untill social awareness make path for self-judgement against the ill effects of Mobile-Driving! A strong "don't WALK-DRIVE while TALK" movement is the need of the hour!
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Dear Mr. pranjal ,if you would have explained about use and misuse of tiny thing called 'SIM' with CELL, then it would have more clear to us . Otherwise it is very very good topic.
Pranjal Saikia's picture

Hi, Bishwajeet. I agree with your comments and "Don't Walk-Drive while Talk"
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Dear Ghosh Sir, As I'm working in telecom company, i would like to clear the query raised by you regarding SIM. Actually, SIM is short of Subscriber Index Module, in which data related to mobile no is pre-stored and when subscriber switches ON his mobile, 4m stored data the authentication of subscriber is verified by the service provider. If the authencity failed, you will not get signal 4m home operator or roaming zone service provider. Later, SIM memory can be used for saving SMS, contact phone nos etc.


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