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Rhino killing and its motives

The killing of the rhino at Kaziranga and cutting off its horn by the poacher is condemnable. But the motive behind such killing and the ethics associated with such killing, are something to comment upon.

When corruption in the state, from top to bottom, is an open customary way of operation of the state machinery, then these killing acts are reciprocality of the not-so-opportunist to rape the motherland. Instead the killer has taken an opportunity with Mother Nature’s gifts.

Assam’s citizens all are mere spectators, reacting upon the “everyday ball being bowled and hit by the bat”. Here are some of the overs which are bowled and scored on a daily basis:

  1. How many cases of transparency in governance have been reported in the state? Has the RTI Act been able to stop the bureaucratic-dadagiri?

  2. Was implementing Digital Meters was first consulted with public bodies by the State Government? Or the implementation go-signal was an act of the Power Minister who has taken kickbacks from the Supplier? To prevent happening of such draconian action by a single elected representative, has the Judiciary formed any action plan or a road map before a “mere 5 years looter” can implement such motives in the state? I ask the Minster of Power, is Reformation in Power Sector can be done by implementation of Digital Meters or by new Power Generation Projects? Why underground cabling of electric wires in the towns and cities have not been done on a priority basis to prevent power theft? Why Digital Meters not implemented first on industries which consume more and evict appropriate bills?

  3. Everyday the media reports about the road accidents across the state. Has the authorities, right from the CM to the Traffic Administration, have taken strong action in preventing such incidents? If taken, what are the statistical data available in proof of reduction of road accidents? How many drivers have been penalised for Drunk Driving or using of Cell-phone while driving? How many times the Traffic Police department has inquired about the driver’s cell phone usage data to clarify whether the driver was talking over the cell-phone while the accident occurred? Have the Administration taken any bold action to stop overloading of passengers? Has any steps been taken b y the concerned authorities to improve the various traffic signage/signal across the state?

  4. It is happening right in the capital, and nobody has the concern about it. It seems the citizens of the capital are so capable of tolerance of daily traffic jam that even more such jam happens “we’ll-bear-it” attitude can be inferred from the public. The GS Road is not only used by public alone, but also by the dadas-of-bureaucracy. Has the Assam Administration taken count of the delayed Six-Mile and Bhangagarh flyover projects? Isn’t it being delayed because delaying can cause longer running of bills for which the Executives in-charge can siphon out public money for their wards studying outside the state? What measure has been taken by the city planners to curb the growing vehicular traffic menace? Come Nano (small car from Tata Motors) on the road, the scene of such traffic jams by 2010 across major towns and the capital will become chronic.

  5. It’s heard that this Government is going to the door-step of the common people for better governance. I ask “the Tarun Gogois” was this was uttered by mouth or was it a sound of fart? Come to Lahoal, a Vidhan Sabha Constituency, where people has nothing to eat, no soil to toil, their roofs have opening for hubble-telescope to watch the night sky, wintry nights are like cuddling together beside the hearth, and a PWD road amazingly maintained for Dirt-Biking. But our Administration can’t go there as they never use Dirt Bikes, only Luxury Cars.

  6. Many a times we come across media reports that tourism incentives are provided for enthusiasts in hospitality and unemployed youths. Has the Ministry of Tourism provided amicable welcome gesture to such youths to come and meet its officials for innovative projects? If a Ministry can’t be approached just because it is busy, thence where a youth will go? After couple of days running from pillar-to-post and, bribing touts and underdogs of such Ministers, these youth’s mind becomes polluted and they loose the faith in the administration. As such they prefer the extreme way, joining a banned outfit or kill a Rhino.

The act of killing Rhino and gouging away its horn can be done by individuals who might don’t have any source for livelihood. They are only motivated by the ongoing daily Open Corruption of the State Administration who are looting public monies and the ostentation of such money by the Bureaucrats in front of the common man. Such gaudy cues are enough for the unemployed youths to run for easy-money ventures. And, whosoever does such acts, can only do these with the help of the concerned authorities only.

What’s wrong with killing? Animals kill animal for its survival. Man, an animal, can also kill animal for its survival. Even to protect one’s homeland, men kill men. But only human can’t kill any human or animal, because there are some “Indicators of Humanhood”, which includes the following:

  1. Self awareness

  2. Self control

  3. A sense of the future

  4. A sense of the past

  5. The capacity to relate with others

  6. Concern for others and the environment

  7. Effective communication

  8. A sense of development and well-being

  9. Curiosity

The above are the terms of senses which we have in mind when we praise someone by saying that “the person is a real human being”. In saying so we are not associating the person with the animal kingdom as Homo sapiens, but we are implying that this person possesses certain qualities and this person own up them to a higher degree. When these same indicators are missing in a man, then what?

When a group of persons, administering the state, have none of the “Indicators of Humanhood”, what’s wrong in killing them and loot their booty? If there is morality in abortion of “human vegetable” (fetus), then why won’t we abort the Admisitration which is not-at-all-effective?

This group of men doesn’t dip their hands in the blood, but uses others to spill; moreover they make human to become animal so that they can survive keeping concern about others and state-of-affairs at bay. If they were human and had a sense of the past, then they would have known the causes of “French Revolt”; and also had known that “History repeats itself”. But they know nothing and have no sense of past, present and future or any concern for others and the environment. These politicians, bureaucrats, authoritarians and their underdogs are parasites attacking our motherland, and we need to act upon soon by abort!!

I ask the Judiciary the followings:

  1. What primary step can be taken by the common man to stop this parasitical infection of the State, kill and loot them or start killing animals for own livelihood?

  2. We can’t do agriculture as our fields are flood prone, and when the administration is reaping easy money, why won’t we too?

  3. Why we need to sweat our brows in the sun, when we can enjoy the same sun indulging in some exciting deeds?

  4. Even if we use RTI as an instrument, will Judiciary terminate a bureaucrat or a politician?

  5. Even though the State has various authorities like Income Tax, CBI, etc, to check and balance corruption, how far these authorities are effective in keeping corruption and red-tapism under check?

  6. Why we see the trend that the rate of convicts who are languishing in the jails are have-nots? What happens of those haves and are doing corruption in broad day light?

  7. What is the effectiveness of the Judiciary itself when it takes year and years to give a final verdict after setting up an inquiry commission?

  8. Can it guarantee rapid outcome to the present Beltola Violence?

  9. Had it been able to bring anyone guilty of the Kakopather Police firing incident where common man was agitating in a democratic manner?

  10. Has the Judiciary able to punish those involved in the LOC scam?

  11. How many Politicians and Bureaucrats are in jails for corruption?

  12. We know that the Legislature makes laws, the Executive enforces these laws, and the Judiciary punishes those who break these laws. When both the Legislative Body and the Executive are on rampage in looting public money, why the Judiciary is keeping mum over the burning issues of the State? Doesn’t it have any methodologies to probe and punish the Legislature and the Executive?

I know even the Judiciary is a mere mockery of democracy, only awarding punishment to those “helpless and have-nots category people” who by compulsion does some act, marked as unlawful, due to survival of livelihood of himself and his family. But it has NEVER BEEN ABLE to bring those to the gallows who are making other’s lives miserable by looting monies meant for public welfare, and has forced the common man to become criminal and kill Rhinos.

Its time now that I too move around Kaziranga hoping to get an opportunity to kill not only one but two and make my life comfortable. But I will not associate with the authorities who will facilitate me for killing, because I have some “Indicators of Humanhood”. Rather I will be a criminal but NEVER be a rapist of my motherland!

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It is so disgusting that mankind can not leave the wild animals alone!!! and to remove the Rhino's horn and kill her calf in front of her must have been so distressing for her before she died in agonizing pain slowly bleeding to death after 36 hrs.. in a knowing and knowledgable world we live in today it's absolutely dispicably obscene..I am ashamed to be called a HUMAN BEING!!

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