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Behdienkhlam celebrated

The four-day-long ritual of the Naimtre of the Pnar community call “Ka Behdienkhlam” concluded on Sunday with colour full ritual where “Rot” from different part of Jowai Doloiship in Jayantia Hills of Meghalaya, bought to aitnar where thousand of people witness the concluding day of the Behdeinkhlam.Yesterday was the last day of the festival that concluded in the evening . This festival is signifies fighting against all short of social evil. This festival is being celebrated from time immemorial, as said that once the people of this place had to face serious epidemic, and thus people gather to drive away this evil. The Organiser president of the BEHDIENKHLAM festival Mr. OAR SYLEM, said that in present context we have more social evil to drive away like ,discrimination and corruption. “People from different communities also participate in this festival and we well come them, this will promote more unity”, he added.

In this festival people dance in the pool of mud waters, as they hold tall structures called the “ROT”, groups from various localities one by one bring this “ROTS” and get into the pool of mud water and dance. The ROT,s are decorated various designs, portraying social message of winning over evil. This year all together there are eleven “Rot” that where brought from different place of the Jowai Doloiship, in all these “Rot” they carry with the write up which tells the world about the day today happening in human daily life.

This celebration is special for the ladies community, its all about preparing special dishes and inviting guests to their homes, women put on a lot jewelries specially Gold ornaments and come to enjoy the final day of the festival. Its all about merry making and doing a lot of rituals in their home.Said,Pemie Pasa,a middle aged Local women,who had put a lot of Gold plated ornaments around her neck.

A “Rooster” flag is a common sight during this festival, though this is not being worshiped by the people as any god or anything else. As The traditionally belief goes, once the sun disappeared and people were in the dark, and no one was able to bring back the sun, but finally the Rooster was able to bring back the sun to everyone’s joy, this the significance of the Rooster. The central government is funding for this festival to promote tourism,said organizing President.

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