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Protest rally at Haflong

In protest against the continuous bandh, inhuman activities during bandh in Dima Hasao the citizens of greater Haflong organized a protest rally at Haflong on Friday at 10 am.

Despite adverse weather and continuous rain, thousands of people from every walks of lives from Greater Haflong took out a procession from Cultural Institute Haflong marched up to Council rotary and assembled in front the office of the deputy commissioner, Dima Hasao district . They were demanding to maintain peace in the district and to take action against the violence creators.

Later they submitted a memorandum signed by several organizations to the Chief Minister, Assam Sri Tarun Gogoi through the Deputy Commissioner, Sri Barun Bhuiyan.

The memorandum stated that in spite of the bandh banned by the Supreme Court and in accordance to the order of the High Court on 29th August citing the bandh as illegal and unconstitutional, Dima Hasao is the first district in this state of Assam to witness a Bandh fron 27th Sept. 2012 to 3rd Oct. 2012 creating violence and unrest to the public thus violating the Human Rights.

1. In a democratic country like India every benign citizen has the right to demand their rights without violation to human rights, but in the recent continuation of bandh called by the IPF, ISF, IWF has greatly and grievously hampered the human life especially the citizens of Haflong. The worst sufferer was the student community, the future of nation. It may be noted here that the participation of even the school students, regarded as minor was seen in large in the recent violent Bandh and Rallies organized by the so called IPF, ISF and IWF which is in itself not only an anti-social activity but a threat to the nation as we all know that the school students are the future of nation.

2. In every Rally or Bandh called by the IPF, iSF and IWF it witnessed nothing but inhuman activities, vandalism and violence against even women and children, destroying both the

3. Bandh meant to be a peaceful protest has turned into a violent means of protest, greatly hampering the emergency services and harassing even the media. Instances such a beating up the milk supplier, vandalizing the ambulance, beating up the Water Supplier ransacking Govt. Offices, pelting stones at private residences is a common scene in their every Rally or Bandh.

4. Strangely, all these incidences could happen in the presence of police personnel who remained a silent spectator. Thus encouraged by the police inaction the murderous group of picketers led by some group of women went on to attack the DHD designated Camp shouting slogans "DHD Murdabad". Such provocative attack led into confrontation between the two groups leading to casualty on both sides thereby compelling the Govt to impose curfew in the area under Haflong Police Station.

5. Apart from loosing valuable working days, bandhs also affected the economy of the area.

In view of the recent violence we the citizens of Greater Haflong strongly condemn and oppose such violent bandh called by IPF, ISF, IWF organization, in order to maintain the peace tranquility and overall development in this Dima Hasao District.

Therefore, they urged upon the Government to take stern action against the law breaker: and to take effective measures to prevent repetition of such bandhs and demonstrations it future for the sake of peace and tranquility of the public, the memorandum added.

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Anup Biswas - Journalist from Haflong.


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We will fight till the last man fall because it is better to die for a reason and cause then to live a live without dignity,

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