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Govt faces flak over bail for DHD(J) leaders

Both Delhi and Dispur have drawn High Court’s ire after DHD(J) leaders Niranjan Hojai and Juel procured bail in two nefarious case involving crores of rupees. The country’s deputy solicitor general appeared before the Gauhati High Court on Wednesday on behalf of the attorney general in response to a summon issued in connection with two notorious cases where two DHD(J) leaders procured bail.

The court summoned attorney general to explain how top DHD(J) leaders Niranjan Hojai and Juel Garlosa procured bail from NIA where three others were denied bail. They were JK Ghose, G Daulagapu, Mausakimi and Achintya Warisa. Notably, they were charged of siphoning off a huge amount of money with the help of a section of department officials. Part of the meant for development of poor people reached DHD(J). The national investigation agency was probing the case where the DHD(J) due procured bail.

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