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Group clash in the city: 12 killed, curfew in city

A string of group clash that leaves twelve people dead, as many as one hundred people injured has forced the authority to clamp curfew in the city on Saturday. The condition of thirty is reported to be critical.

The violence began as soon as the Advasi people in large numbers were holding a rally demanding Scheduled Tribe status for the community.

The Adivasi protesters damaged as many as 150 vehicles while these were plying in the Beltola areas. Moreover, some of them vandalized some shops and markets in the area.

The angry people in general retaliated by attack and the clash left 5 people to death.

The city police sprung into action and dispersed the Adivasi people from the protest rally site. But another group further proceeded to the Khanapara areas and then to Ganeshguri areas to stop the city buses.

The public in general got angry with these Adivasi students leaders and retaliated with attack. As many as ten Adivasi students have fallen injured. The injured people have been rushed to the hospital.

The entire Beltola area has come under curfew from 12 noon. The over all situation has yet to be quelled.

Photo: UB Photos, Guwahati

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uttam borthakur's picture

The news item is rather painful. From what I gather from eye-witnesses and other sources, a protest rally of the Adivasi Assamese was resisted by police from proceeding towards Assam Assembly. The rally turned violent, whether by agent-provocateurs or in spontaneity that I do not yet know, resulting in damage to vehicles and other properties. Then a clash ensued between the protesters and the people of that area leaving several dead and more grievously injured. Without doing a whodunit we may infer another schism that may lead to further diminishing of the people identifying themselves as Assamese. Some of the eyewitnesses ( of them few have lost their cars to the violence) have told me that the Adivasis may have damaged cars, other properties and carried out excesses, but in terms of deaths and bodily injuries they have taken the brunt. The riff raff that indulge in all kinds of mischief and anti-social activities in that area had a field day killing and maiming with glee. It is painful, as a civil servant has put it succinctly, that these innocent people, naive to the deceit and sophistry of the privileged ones, have always suffered since the days of Mahabharata. .... whether as Ekalavya, whether as destitute of mega-dams, whether as refugees of Bodoland movement and now in the streets of Guwahati. I listen to the news with forebodings.
susar tudu's picture

Yesterdays incident has really shocked me. Impartial of being a tribe I wholly condemn both side for this unfortunate event.Whatever I have came to know is from the electronic media and considering that as an apparent fact I would comment tribesmen ensued the clash. But it is also true that the local resident, most of them are non adivasis, vent their ire and a long cherished hatred attitude toward adivasis in a gory and beastly way. Unfortunately the local adminstration played the role of mute spectator. The tribesmen who had been involved in vandalism invite punishment but it is not certainly the way. It will distance people from each other. The looser will be tribal community. Rather than inviting support for the cause the incident has unfotunate event. For the God's sake, if anyone is reading this please don't let this happen again.
Altaf's picture

This is really very paniful and disgusting aswell. What ever I learnt is only through the Electronic media. Its really shocking that even today we witness these barbaric acts. I believe every problem has a solution lest its a problem.

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