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Akhil Gogoi arrested, Government’s hypocrisy exposed

The Tarun Gogoi led government, have managed to come to power for the third time, and perhaps there was a lot of expectations from the people. The chief minister had himself said that the absence of opposition I the assembly means more responsibility and sincerity for the congress government, and thus no scope for anarchy. No doubt The people in general take the words of Tarun Gogoi at face value for his good image, but for a section of people, never in their wildest dreams they might have imagined what waited ahead of the new Government would be a hell raiser that would shake them mentally, and boil their bloods to the extreme.

“EVICTION” a word that brings nightmare for thousands of people living in Guwahati in the hill areas, some living for more than 30 years, some 20 and 15 years, yet not safe in the hands this government. The Assam government has no land policy till date; only policy known to the people is that the government allots lands to Millionaire business men, Industrialist and not for the poor ethnic people. The ethnic people are believed not to be more loyal like the Illegal Bangladeshi migrant voters nor they can contribute money to the politicians for election, and thus of less use. There has been rapid development in Guwahati only at the cost of local indigenous people’s life, whose lands are bought for some money, and the local people sell their lands for their financial requirements.

Some 10 years down the line there was eveiction drive in the hill areas of Guwahati, But then the people had no option to fight back, or had any platform to express their grievances, and now finally they have found Akhil Gogoi, to bestow their faith upon, whose platform under the banner of Krisak Mukti Sangram Samity, can give space to express their long pending grievance. Thus on 22nd June, the people had joined the protest rally against eviction headed towards Dispur. But the protest turned ugly due to the negligence and total failure of the administration. Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has officially admitted the security lapse, but failed to announce any action against the government officials, nor any financial aid to the people who have lost their lives due to bullet injuries. Had something gone wrong with the migrant Muslim community, the announcement for financial help would have come at the earliest. Let’s cross check the incident of Barpeta that took place last year in regards to the NRC pilot project. Was any culprit arrested, didn’t the government announced financial aid to the deceased family. Such is the love of this congress government for the Assamese people.

Congress Minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma debates that the KMSS was in a hurry to protest against eviction drive, “they could have given the new government at least six months to settle down”, same thing could have been applicable for the government too, wait for six month and serve notice to the people or in more wise manner it could have thought for forming a committee and discuss about a land policy to solve the problem once for all. It is always easy to talk loud than to do things wisely. And thus what people had witnessed on 22 June in Dispur protest. To put more simply, the government provoked the people to come to the streets and take wrong steps and thus expose them in bad light and then punish. A well planned game from the beginning to the end and finally succeeded to trap Akhil Gogoi. Every witness will tell how the administration allowed to the protestors go wild, torch vehicles in front of their eyes, and fire brigades seems to have to river Brahamaputra to fill water and rush the spot after the damage was done. After all the political opposition has been marginalised in this election and thus Akhil Gogoi, was the only potential threat for the new government.

To everyone’s knowledge suspected Bangladeshi migrants have encroached lands in Kaziranga National Park, and other reserve forest Lands, including SATRAS, land, has the government dare to take any action against these people, even news articles keep publishing from time to time on these issues. When asked about these people, Congress minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma, says that there is no logic to draw any parallel with the evection policy taken in Guwahati and other places including encroachment in Kaziranga. Thus the government means to send a clear message that, it’s on their wish if they allot land for Hotels and other industries or builders in protected areas which may not be applicable for the poor Assamese people. I wish the poor Assamese people could have settled in the reserve forest with the illegal Bangladeshi migrants and could be safe from any short of government eviction drive.

Congress minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma, even said that they don’t see any reason to discuss any issue with the KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi. After the Dispur incident that went violent, Akhil has now become an untouchable thing for the government. But ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah is always welcome to join the table. The government is well aware that talking with Paresh Baruah will give their party that mileage which will be written in the history of Assam, and perhaps which will help them to win election after election. But talking with Akhil Gogoi will hurt their ego, and their supporters might get demoralized or feel shame about the act, besides Paresh Baruah have never attacked any minister very personally nor have threatened them neither have filed any RTI against them. But Akhil Gogoi has created much trouble for the congress party than the ULFA. Though the congress may be boasting that 2011 election people have defied Akhil Gogoi, but this has not lessen the fear of few congress leaders. A protestor in punbazar said that, had the congress won the election legally they would not have shown such cruelty to the people within one month of time after forming the new government.

The arrest of Akhil Gogoi, from the Guwahati Press Club today in the afternoon has simply exposed the attitude of the Government towards the Journalist community too, perhaps a message that this community is a “good product” for buying and selling and thus twisting the arms is not a big deal for the government. On the other hand a private news channel has set a new height of low standard of TV journalism by using unparliamentarily words on air while criticising RTI activist Akhil Gogoi and thus creating a bad impression about TV journalists working in the field. People have seen many debates in national channel that are so sensitive and hard hitting yet decorum is maintained while on air but in Assam things seems to have gone BIZARRE.

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Journalist, musician.


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Eviction of inhabitants is an unfortunate affairs. It is true that a good number of them are illegal, atleast,theose in the hilly areas, whether it is South Soronia, Gorchuk or any beautiful place of Guwahati. The settlers cut down the trees, make a temporary house and once the oppertune moment triggers, they construct a 'near permanent' residence. In this process the genuine settlers suffers as this creates havocs leading to landslides and demolition of trees and shrinking forest cover,forget about the flora and fauna. The Government fails to respond to the repeated informations by concerned public,media publications on encroachments.Then whimsically starts eviction with bulldozers and elephants etc.why knowing fuully well that these are the government soil,these poor people coming from far off places in search of better future were allowed to stay for years! If eviction is the might , then government should have offered some genuine resettlement plans with full rehabilitation cover. I hope, some such strategies are to be adopted instead of showing mights, killing innocents and harressing genuine supporters of such movements and finally arresting popular leader of Assam.
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After the incident the CM of Assam himself admitted in front of media that there was serious lapse in the administration and police and security forces to tackle the situation. They completely failed to anticipate that protectors could turned in to a violent one. If Mr. Akhil Gogoi was a failed leader and hence put behind the bar then Mr Tarun Gogoi was also a failed minister as Home department is under him and therefore he must be behind the bar too.Now the question is who will to bell the cat?
Kavya Barnadhya Hazarika's picture

Government did what they had to do....Who will pay for the damage of 3 buses? Who will pay for destroying 150+ vehicles in the road? AKHIL GOGOI? No he won't pay..ONCE AGAIN PEOPLE OF ASSAM HAVE FORGOTTEN Gandhi's principle of TRUTH and NON VIOLENCE....and what was happening on that day was full of violence..attacking a senior police officer is what they call a protests? All women had a hand bag with them filled with sticks, stones and boulders to attack....THEY WERE COMING IN ONLY ONE MOTIVE TO ATTACK THE POLICE FORCEFULLY.......and after all this Mr. AKHIL GOGOI should have stopped the people from this violence act but he was happy to see that and let the violence act go.......and some fractions of people still believe in AKHIL GOGOI due to influence of some unfair media!


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