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Kaziranga carrying out controlled burning of forest

Incidents of animals, specially deer straying out of the Kaziranga National Park have taken during the “Controlled Burning” – a forest management technique. On March 21, some Deers strayed into the nearby village of Jyotipur while the controlled burning was taking place in one part of the Park. One of them ran into the village and was injured while escaping the park. The nearby villagers chased and captured the deer and provided it some first aid. The deer was later handed over to the forest officials of Agratuli range of the park.

Surajit Dutta, Director of the Kaziranga National Park, said that the grass is burnt in a phased manner in dry season using scientific techniques ensuring that no animals are harmed during the process. It is done primarily because, when the grass becomes very tall the animals like rhinoceros, deer etc. are not visible.

Kaziranga National Park, in central Assam with an area of 429 Sq kms (approx), is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It also boasts of the highest density of tigers among protected areas of the world.

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