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Rangiya women still deprived of education

With ministry of women and social empowerment keeping provisions of equal access to education for women and girls ensuring the rights in order to eliminate discrimination, universalize education, eradicate illiteracy, and to create a gender-sensitive educational system ,on the other hand still a lot more to be done in realizing the goals here at some of the villages under Rangiya sub-division its adjoining areas. While, govt stressing on the increase of enrollment and retention rates of girls and improve the quality of education to facilitate life-long learning as well as development of occupation,vocation,technical skills by women, but on the contrary a large section of women are still at far from benefiting from these gaols. Specially here at places like Maranjana, Bhoira, Kendukona, Dimu, Japia, Souramuri, Kaniha , Sahan etc; are yet to be practically benefited of universal education and other facilities in full fledged manner. At these localities, the women who are leading a stereotype life of a typical women just doing the household jobs only. Even, most of the women are reportedly illiterate and forms of violence and atrocities against these women are witnessed from time to time following lack of education and awareness. Mentionably, apart from the education factor, these women are deprived of a sound physical and mental health both at domestic or societal levels too. Due to hindrances and lack of proper education, problems are being faced by these section which are mainly the outcome of customs, traditions or accepted practices in the society. In the daily market places in the Rangiya sub-division, it is a visible picture of witnessing number of women daily here who opt a small business for the sake of earning bread and butter. In such manner these women remain unnoticed from the govt despite strategy and programs laid for them like rights particularly the education. It is viewed by most of women, who are innocent and straight, for them daily livelihood only matters and they were not concern about if there are any such provision for their benefit. It is urged the govt should spot out these deprived women of these places and benefit them with the mechanisms/schemes for upgrading the women section, their empowerment and also to prevent any such violence including sexual harassment at work place and customs like dowry and gender discrimination which prevalent in the small places like here.

Anjan Jyoti Patowary, Rangiya

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