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Centre-NDFB talk in progress in Delhi

For the first time since they announced ceasefire with the government, the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) is holding a crucial round of talks with the Centre in Delhi on Wednesday.

The Centre is represented by Union home secretary G K Pillai while ten members of the Bodo rebel outfit is attending the talk led by General secretary Gobinda Basumatary and publicity secretary S Sanjaang. Top level sources say the revel outfit fighting for a seperate Bodoland is discussing the ten pont charter od their demanded sent to the Centre on May this year.

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I am very happy that center have taken interest in talk with NDFB. I hope that there will be a good result. First of all we should have clear goal what we are fightingfor? We will never get sovereign state. we may shed blood and lose innocent life. It is not easy to fight for such a great vast battle field with a few soldiers. What we need is seperate state under the constitution of India. And try to educate people as much pssible, try to increase the Bodo population. Today bodo population has gone down into small number.Due to many reasons. what we need is to give proper education and tell people to have many children in the family. Then only we can stand on our on feet. This is my humble request on my Bodo people. It may not sound well but if we reason out and think deeply you will see the greatness on it. Bodo hadwth ha jwi jathwng.
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Let all small and big tribes be given seperate states. Let their movement be restricted in their states, lands and autonomous councils. Let them live in their cocoons. Let them not be allowed to move out for study, work, travel and shopping. Let's see where they stand in the 21st century. Let a seperate Bodoland be created. Land hungry China will ensure a genocide before roping in the territory. And for those taking up Christianity should know how the aborigines of America and Australia were wiped out and missionaries didn't save them. People can give up their ancestral religious for the sake of seperate land...but that is where one loses a part of identity.
pranab's picture

Sebirence, Let me clear your thinking.Where Bodos are decreasing in population,is there any natural calamities or mass murder on Bodos??Who is stopping you from being educated???I never heard other communities burning down schools,stopping bodo students on way to institutes or never gave admission being Bodo. Clarify me on my queries as you being educated Bodo. Its foolish the way you think and in turn making bad name to bodo community as a whole for saying like this who thinks himself educated.
Jit Hazarika's picture

@Sebirence Islary, I'm amazed when you say that the population of Bodos have gone down. Twenty years back, I hardly used to see any bodo in Rangapara(Sonitpur), but today population wise, they are next to Bengalis.There are hardly any assamese there now. Even the Gorkhas/nepalis who were in good numbers have migrated to other parts of Assam.Asomiyas and nepalis were in good numbers in a village called Kerabasty in Rangapara, but they are all moving out now as the bodos have illegally usurped govt lands and making life difficult for asomiyas and nepalis to stay there. Charduar, Lokhra and border areas of Arunachal Pradesh is full of bodos now. Where have they come from? the govt. has shut their eyes and these people have all occupied the govt. lands and have started farming and building houses. they have a grand design of expanding bodo areas. Even in the BTC areas, where out of the total population of 30 lacks, the bodos have just 10 lacs population and all other communities have become 2nd class citizens. There is no future for non-bodos in BTC.
pranab's picture

@ All, These people like Sebirence destroyed the Bodo culture for being undeveloped mind which is being taken advantage by Christian Missionaries to convert all of them into Christian and so trying to have a separate state so that a state like Nagaland,Mizoram can be formed.They gave bad name to Bodo communties and its totaly wrong if people like Sebirence of that mind thinks educated and i myself feel ashamed to have like this foolish people in my community
Agastyi Barua's picture

I hope Bodos settle in Assam-Nagaland border to save the land of Assam which is occupied by Nagas illegally. Let Assam's Bodo community flourish and prosper...
sebestian Islary's picture

@ all, These people like pranab only wants to destroy bodo people for being undeveloped mind if he think so.People like sebirence is regarded as peotriotic.As he really loves bodo people.And that's the reason he lost his people and he might be upset when he see tv news, Kiling youth, mostly bodo. SEE suppose a man had 100 sons but for some reason he lost his 10 son. In that situation that man never say its ok, Instead he pray to God & say to others
Sebirence Islary's picture

More eduacation more development brings more development in he field of economic, social, politcs, morally and ethically. The livelihood of the people start grows better and standard. I hope people will realize this value of education and promote it for the beterment of the society and not for personal gain. We should not forget our cultuer, rich heritage, and moral living. Some times people forget when they are educated they look only for themseves. This is a selfish mitive. They forget that culture and sociesty have helped him/her to educated. I hope people will undersand the unity and diversity of our countey and live in peace and harmony.


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