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Carnage at Guiling in NC hills; 3 killed, 90 houses gutted in fire

Three persons were killed and at least 90 houses were set on fire in a fresh string of incidents in the North Cachar hills district on Monday.

According to information, the incident took place in Guilung village in the afternoon. The village is inhibited by the Zemi Naga people where some unidentified miscreants opened fire at the villagers before setting on fire the houses. Three persons were killed in the incident and the deceased have yet to be identified.

Army, police and other law enforcing agencies rushed troops to the spot but by then the fire gutted atleast 90 houses.

The incident took place barely a day after Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi announced an intensified joint operation against the trouble monger in the hills district.

Notably, 13 people were killed and over 200 houses were gutted in the incidents if violence in the last 13 days.


Ranjan K Baruah's picture

This is the worse form of revenge. The congress government sitting in Dispur is the culprits behind all these. They never had talk with any groups who wanted to talk. People from other parts of Assam are not aware whatz happening in reality and hence less voice has been made. Let us know the situation and raise our concern and voice else our indigenous population will be no where. The ethnic violence might increase as its between two tribes. The civil society must react. There are some forces who try to initiate the clash and then they will vanish and the inoocent people will be facing the problems and threats from every side. The police or army people harasses the civilians when they are searching for militants or their hide outs. I request the concern civil society of Assam in particular to understand about N C Hills and make voice so that civilians are affected.
A Dimasa's picture

Yeah it is the utter ignorance and incapabilities of the govt. concern to control the turmoil in its bud.... The persons killed are all from NCHills and are innocent public.The feud was b/w d militants. Y did d Naga militants attack d general public?...After d prolonged attack at three of the Dimasa villages burning 101 houses of theirs n killing 7 innocent villagers ,they wr bound to retaliate. Most of Naga militants are outsiders n they dont really care for their own tribe in d district...they knw d result wud b disastrous. But they are outsiders n d genuine Zeme nagas of d district hd to suffer.While d Govt wid abit of logic shud hv knwn d consequences n take precautionary measures but they really failed to protect the Dimasas as well as the Naga people.And d armed govt personal can't do nothing but kill women in indiscriminate firing when there ws no sign of militants or pick up a student, a labourer or an old village head n finish them in their backyard.
stranger in his own land's picture

The people of N C Hills are in great trouble. On the other hand the Assam Govt. seems to be doing nothing. The people, especially the poor Dimasa villagers are always on the recieving end of the violence, either from the army or from the militants. The ongoing flare-up between the Dimasas and the Zemes is mainly because of the tension between the rebel groups belonging to both the tribes. As a matter of fact, the people of both the tribes are displaced, their houses gutted and in worst they are killed. On the other hand, the situation of N C Hills remained unknown to most people of Assam. This gap in communication is mainly because of the neglect of the press. For eg., if a person is killed in Guwahati, Dibrugarh etc., the news is headline in the leading newspapers of Assam, whereas in case of N C Hills where many were killed and hundred houses gutted, it seems, it doesn't deserve to be a news for regional newspapers like Assam Tribune and so on. We all know that Assam is neglected by mainland India, but what Assamese people don't know is that N C Hills is neglected by Assam Govt. because of which it is trouble-torn today. So, the NGOs and civil societies must take up stern steps to prompt the Govt. of Assam to take decisive measures to bring situation under control in N C Hills.
rohit's picture

Its is really hurting.. we are neglected not by only media but also by govt Assam and India. If a single person die in Delhi or any part of country.. it becomes major concerned but if it is from N C HILLS even if it is more then 100s are death but nobody care. Is this democracy.?.... Our mainland people Assamese which are much more progressed and developed are neglecting pain but we day over come..
wild boar's picture

Just adding something...The corrupt politicians and the money monger civilians of N.C Hills is my first point. People voted for money and naive politicians are elected by money, this is why they cannot raise voice in Dispur because they are not fit to be a politicians. Unless we stop this and think who could be the right person to be elected, we will not get over with the problem. My second point is..the Dimasa demand for Dima Raji is the problem, I am just wondering what recognition and benefits will be received if the demand for Dimasa Homeland is successful??? The answer is the BIG NOTHING so why creating problem? How does it feel like no more wanting to be called N.C Hills? Would be interesting to know.... Another fact about the Dimasa is that they are moved from one place to another from Dimapur to Cachar and to N C Hills, Where then, N C Hills was inhabited by many tribes while they were wondering. The more they try to eliminate one from the district, the closer for the Dimasa to be moved out of N C Hills…Furthermore, it would not be easy for the different tribes of N C Hills to accept the so called demand for Dima Raji. I think the present problem and the previous problem is just the same created by the Dimasa themselves. This is just my analysis and does not reflect any other opinion.
A Zeme Naga's picture

I think what Mr or Miss A Dimasa said was true in one sense. But at the same time I would also like to mentioned the fact that, the clashes was started by the mindless killing of as many as five innocent Zeme naga villagers by DHD(J) militant. Had not that incident happen, the present situation could have been averted. What ever happened had happened. Now the civil society of both the Zeme Naga and Dimasa should come out and avoid the dictate of all the militant groups be it DHD(J) or NSCN, if they want to live in peace as in the past.Because we all know that there is no enemity amongs the public. Our history tell us that, we are the first inhabitant of the district.There are many social and relegious practices, like offering, songs etc.which tell us our oneness.
Haflongites's picture

The most basic cause is insurgency,so the govt, should look forward about it,to wipe out all the outfit's keeping in mind that the public does not suffer.
kkip's picture

simple solution to stop all these ethnic violence: militants, put your guns down and look for a better way of earning your own livelihood..... Its the 21st century and you people won't achieve any goals by spilling innocent bloods.... Why don't the army just nuke their hideouts in the jungles...damn...


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