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Mother jumps before train with child

Guwahati: One lady has jumped before a running train with her two-year-old child on Sunday at 10.30 AM at Abhayapuri in Bongaigaon district. Both were killed on the spot. They were identified as Mridula Das (30 years) and her son Aditya of Bishnu Nagar, Goalpara. Her husband is an engineer posted at Agartala. She committed suicide near Abhayapuri Rail Station immediately after down Chilarai Passenger left the station.

Police has lodged an unnatural death case in this regard. Locals blamed her mother-in-law for this suicide.

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its horrible news and so sad and canth express how it feel to married women who canth express their problem to their familly since they took husband familly as their own familly but her husband familly who tortured them mentally and phisically its really sameless ,sometime we heard mother- in - law toured their bahu very badly by mental and sometime give them phisically toured here it comes to my mind how they can do this since they have bahu also in earlier part and they also comes to one house to another house after their marraige did they took revenge or why they do this it should be comes to inhuman this should be need now a days research way what the reason behind it. ,why they wonth took their bahu as their own childrean and give them love to them on return they will also get it why this simple things they wonth understand .

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