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Gorkha students' community Unified: AANSU merged into AAGSU

The unconstitutionally breakaway faction of the All Assam Gorkha Students' Union (AAGSU)-the apex Gorkha students' organisation of Assam AANSU in its abbreviated form All Assam Nepali Students' Union (AANSU) today merged into former unconditionally. It was a red letter day for the Gorkha students community of Assam at the Phanidhar Dutta Memorial Seminar Hall Gauhati University at 6 pm as the Special Joint AAGSU-AANSU unification Steering committee declared All Assam Nepali Students' Union (AANSU) merger into All Assam Gorkha Students' Union (AAGSU) unconditionally. AAGSU-AANSU Unification Declaration drafting committee team lead by Deepak Niroula on behalf of AANSU and Harkha Bahadur Chetri on behalf of AAGSU lead the AAGSU President Dil Bahadur Limboo and AANSU President Kishor Upadhyay to shake hands an exchange greetings. Then and there all present in the house in honour of the Unification and voice slogan AANSU-AAGSU ek ho! AAGSU Longlive, Gorkha Unity Long Live etc with all smiles on faces of each delegates in the house. Earlier Kishor Upadhyay President AANSU declared that AANSU unanimously and unconditionally merged into AAGSU as it dissolved now. All AANSU workers of all section are now the member of AAGSU. In his statement he held himself responsible for the division of Gorkha students' community in Assam and begged apology for his misdeed and further promised to work hand in hand together with AAGSU for the welfare of Gorkha community. He totally denied proposal of AANSU members as General Secretary AAGSU or any other portfolio saying that the modalities of unification nowhere mention this and declared dissolution of All Assam Nepali Students' Union (AANSU) Central committee, all existing District committee, all Regional committee , unit and grassroot as well. Thereafter one of the President of the Presidium presiding the State Students' Convention for Unification Shri Dil Bahadur Limboo President AAGSU declared unified gorkha students' community as All Assam Gorkha Students' Union (AAGSU) and appealed the house to be bound by the constitution and principles of AAGSU.

Soon after the unification declaration from the presidium one of the delegate and President of Odalguri dist. AANSU for and onbehalf of all AANSU delegates in the house unanimously declared acceptance of AANSU merger into AAGSU and declared that they are the delegate of AAGSU now and will follow and abide by the constitution and principles of AAGSU. He also declared their accepatnce of AAGSU President as their Prsident as Mr. Dil Bahadur Limboo was constitutionally elected AAGSU President but demanded AANSU President to be accommodated as General Secretary of unified AAGSU on demand of the house which the Special Joint AAGSU-AANSU unification Steering committee and AAGSU denied. Reacting sharply to denial, members and delegates of former AANSU raised voice and walked out of the house declaring end of AANSU and their students politics. As walkout began the house turned chaotic at the mean time the steering committee declared accommodation of former AANSU President as Advisor of AAGSU. The walk out delegates did not turned back so citing unconstitutional and unparliamentary activity by newly inducted AAGSU members AAGSU President declared the house being adjourned till the next extended executive meeting as the alloted time was over. A press meet has been called on 16th March Monday evening in office of the AAGSU at Nepali Mandir, Paltan Bazar to declare the unification. More details will be added on after the media conference.
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This is a good move and this was long overdue. Time has come to fight for our constitutional rights in India. Our ancestors have served this country for long, but today we are all dubbed as foreigners. India must scrap 1950 Indo-Nepal treaty. True, there are some illegal migrants from Nepal, but they are far and few compared to the Bangladeshish. Bangladeshis have already gobbled up North Bengal which historically belongs to the Gorkhas.


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